The Puritan Pirate Book Cover The Puritan Pirate
Pirates of Port Royal Book 2
Jules Radcliffe
MM Historical Romance Erotica
Sinnamon Press
May 12, 2020

A strait-laced lieutenant. A free-living pirate. Enemies from the first.
Lieutenant Thomas Peregrine is outraged when he's ordered to leave his ship and join the Brethren of the Coast. But Perry knows the folly of disobeying the tyrannical Commodore Pobjoy. He enlists with the Audacious, a pirate ship bound for the high seas in search of the Spanish treasure galleons.
Aboard his new ship is sailing master Gabriel Quinn, the most beautiful man he's ever laid eyes on. Perry, a devout Puritan, is dismayed by his desire for a godless pirate, and an Irishman withal. He blurts out a shocking insult. And though he tries to apologise, it's too little, too late. There can be nothing between them but bitter hatred.
Then one night, in a rowdy Port Royal tavern, Quinn stops him from making a stupid mistake. But there are consequences for carelessness. Perry's orderly world is about to be turned upside down.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

We first met Lt. Thomas Peregrine in book one and now this is his story. Peregrine is a navy lieutenant who has been ordered by Commodore Pobjoy to transfer to the privateer ship Audacious. He is to make sure that the crown receives its share of all the booty the Audacious captures, but in Thomas’ mind he is nothing more than a spy.

As a puritan his entire life being sent on a pirate ship surrounded by pirates is something he is not happy about since pirates are everything he is not and follow few rules if any. He is now one of the Brethren of the Coast but keeps to himself except for befriending one of the crew a man named Nick. When he first came aboard the Audacious he met Gabriel Quinn, a handsome man who got his heart thumping and the first thing he did was call him a filthy Taig ensuring that Gabe would run from him. The animosity between the two was ongoing and Thomas was able to keep his feelings very well hidden until an incident pushed him to the edge.

Knowing well enough what places to stay away from he still tempts danger by going to a bar and meeting up with a man. He is a novice and has no idea what this man intends and before things get totally out of hand Quinn comes to his rescue. Thomas has been on the Audacious long enough to have learned that it is the best run ship he has ever been on and the captain one of the best he ever served under but now in an emotionally and physically weakened state he is being held up by none other than the man he has always lusted after.

Lt. Thomas Peregrine a very uptight man who befriends noone, laughs little if ever and always finds a reason to scorn the crew meets his match and has to finally loosen up or stay the way he is, a man hiding from what he truly is and what he truly desires. What course Thomas takes is not for me to say but if pirates, a history of 1664 and explicit sex sound interesting then this is the book for you.

At the end of the book the author gives a very detailed explanation of the history behind her books, the particular form of language she uses and it made everything very clear to me. As I read the book I realized that I could really feel that I was on a pirate ship because the language was so realistic.