The Redemption of the Shrew Book Cover The Redemption of the Shrew
Scandalous Kisses, Book 4
Barbara Monajem
Historical, Regency, Romance
Soul Mate Publishing, LLC
November 6, 2018

Nothing is more painful than rejection--particularly when completely naked.

Gloriana Warren doesn't want to wait for marriage. Beneath her shrewish exterior is a kindhearted woman who uses her fortune for good. It doesn't matter that the man she's set her sights on claims impoverishment. She's in love and determined to marry him. But her attempt at a moonlight seduction ends in disaster.

French marquis Philippe de Bellechasse has had it up to his gorgeous dark eyes with being pursued by lusty ladies. His escape to England from the violence of the French Revolution took a toll on his finances as well. Gloriana may be gloriously naked, but he's just not ready to submit to her seduction.

But when a precious family artifact is stolen, Philippe must convince Gloriana he's not the guilty party. He'll steal it back for her, but on his terms. Gloriana, believing he despises her, has plans of her own. Working at odds is dangerous, but working together can be more so. Is Philippe willing to risk his heart again for a deliciously tempting shrew?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It is 1799 and Gloriana Warren has come up with a plan to get the man she loves, Marquis Philippe de Bellechase to marry her. Philippe asked Gloriana to marry him but he wanted to wait until he had enough money. She thought that the fact she came from money that he shouldn’t have to wait and so she put her plan into motion. When he came to her she stood before him naked hoping that seeing her like that he would have no choice but to take her and then wed her but she couldn’t have been more wrong. What she saw was a look of disgust on Philippe’s face because he believed that she was just another woman trying to trap him into marriage before he was ready.

Heartbroken Gloriana tried to get Philippe out of her mind and heart and for five years she did everything wrong. Philippe believed in equality for all and as a Frenchman he helped during the Revolution going to England with his sister for safety. He loved Gloriana but she turned out to be just like all the rest, a snob who did not believe in equality and schooling for all and for five years she acted just the way he believed she was like. Unfortunately, Gloriana was being a hypocrite because she believed in what he believed in and even opened a school for orphaned boys turning their lives around. Every time she and Philippe saw one another it was with open hostility inspite of the fact that she never stopped loving him.

It was at a party her brother was giving that she did the worst thing possible, she flirted with the Earl of Hythwick known to be hateful and who she led everyone to believe she planned on marrying. Philippe also heard the rumor and he was not about to allow her to marry such a despicable man. It was at the party that the Earl actually attempted to rape Gloriana putting Philippe in the position of defending her honor. Filled with anger and hurt she left for London and once again got all the gossips talking since she went alone without a woman chaperone.

When one of Gloriana’s prized possessions went missing her first instinct was that Philippe stole it but when he convinced her it wasn’t him he was determined to help her retrieve it from the man he knew did. As usual Gloriana got in the way every time that Philippe had a plan to recover the stolen object but eventually they were forced to work together.

The book was filled with wonderful characters all with their own story. It was a time when love was second to prestige and money but the characters in this book all fought against the norm to find love and happiness. Philippe and Gloriana were two very stubborn people who found it easier to fight with each other than to sit down and tell each other how they really felt. Whether they finally get together and whether her lost object is discovered is for you to find out and believe me you will enjoy every minute of it.