The Telling Touch Book Cover The Telling Touch
Keira Dominguez
Boroughs Publishing Group
February 25, 2020


For as long as she can remember, Margaret Summers has been in love with Nicholas Ainsley, but her “gift” has shown her that he does not reciprocate her affections, and he leaves for six long years. Her sister’s scandal places Meg under a cloud of suspicion, and she resigns herself to being the outcast, the unacceptable girl. Isolated and vilified, Meg is content to live in the country with her grandfather. When her sister is widowed young, she returns home and sets in motion unthinkable plans, forcing Meg to break the silence of the family’s unusual abilities to keep Nick safe from a fate she cannot allow. Little does Meg know, she’s had the wrong of it for these many years, and Nick has his work cut out for him to prove the truth of his heart.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The 1800s a time I love reading about but a time I am thankful I didn’t have to experience firsthand. Margaret Summers and her sister Isabelle lived with their grandfather, Isabelle the proper girl and Meg the wild child. Both sisters have the gift of touch, touch someone and they can read their thoughts, sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing.

Meg has been in love with Nick Ainsley since she was fourteen years old but when her sister elopes with Nick’s uncle, an aged earl, all the scandal seems to fall on Meg. Shortly after the elopement Nick left for what Meg hoped would be a short time but that turned into six long years. In the six years he was gone Meg became an outcast people could barely tolerate being in the same room as her, as if what Isabelle reflected on her—an innocent girl who wouldn’t harm a fly.

When the earl died Isabelle found herself without any funds or a home to live in and she returned to her grandfather’s house. Nick now the earl returned home to put everything back in order but he realized that where he once thought he loved Isabelle his feelings had definitely turned around because it was Meg he wanted. When I said that reading someone’s thoughts could be bad it was when Meg accidentally touched Nick and realized that his feelings for her were that of a brother to a sister, his feelings were for Isabelle, but that was when she was fourteen and things can change in six years.

Every year Meg’s grandfather sent her to her aunt in London with the hope that she would come back betrothed but the only men who wanted to get close to her were men who wanted one thing and one thing only, the thing that a ruined girl would give willingly, her body.  Nick tries to stay away from Meg and the friendship they once shared is strained to the point that she keeps calling him “My Lord”. Their banter between each other was priceless but would that priceless banter lead them to finally realizing what they meant to each other or would Isabelle use her gift to get what she wants. With the same gift as Meg Isabelle uses it to her own benefit and cares little for others. The disgraced girl seems to manage to get everyone on her side while the sweet girl is a pariah.

This was a beautiful story with characters I loved and characters I didn’t like at all especially Isabelle. Meg was an amazingly brave character who despite the times followed her own heart.