The Violet Skies of Morning Book Cover The Violet Skies of Morning
The Color of Love Book 3
F E Feeley Jr
Gay Romance
August 28, 2019

Weathering storms together is the entire purpose of a relationship. Sure, it’s hot sex and lofty goals at first, but when the rubber meets the road, love just makes the bad stuff more bearable. Such is the case with Aaron and David. They’ve dealt with storms both literal and metaphorical when life shows up in a big way.
This time, however, as a storm bears down on them, David and Aaron’s lives are at risk and they’ll lose all their worldly belongings. Will this event be enough to break them or will they come out the other side stronger for it?

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

From the moment we met Aaron Roberts and David Collins they were lost. Each foundering, searching for better. What was a hook-up for a cold snowy Detroit night gave them hope for something more. We have followed them from the meet in ‘Into the Gray’, thru the angst of the baggage of their pasts, in ‘A Lighter Shade of Blue’ to this shorter novella ‘The Violet Skies of Morning’.

If you know anything about Mr., Feeley’s writing, it is his wonderful descriptive ability of sharing the oncoming storm! Black clouds, thunder heads and lightning … fear to rip you apart. In this novella he takes license to add a horrific storm to the lives of Aaron and Collin to work out; now losing everything they own from a devastating set of tornados that rip apart their town. He tests the strength of the relationship they have made together since meet them in the first two books. We watch them on the decisions they make for their future… Again, a nice addition. One question Mr. Feeley if there is a #4…Will it be Hail, Locusts or Pestilence?