The Witch of Bergen Book Cover The Witch of Bergen
Meriam Wilhelm
Paranormal Romance
February 14, 2019

Travel back in time with Carynn Cinnamon!
An innocent trip to a second hand shop launches Carynn Cinnamon on a life altering adventure. Whisking her back in time to the 1600's, Carynn lands in the arms of a handsome witch who claims to be her husband. Is her heritage really tied to this man? Has she discovered her own wrinkle in time or is fate playing a cruel prank on this young witch? And what of his claim that the future of magic and witches everywhere depends on her next move? If she agrees to travel back in time again will she lose her heart or her life in the process?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Carynn Cinnamon is twenty-four, a witch and the owner of beach front property and a condo in Redondo Beach, California, thanks to her great-uncle who she never met. The condo gives her a beautiful view of the ocean but the one thing she needs immediately is a new bed. The bed she is sleeping in is from college and needless to say is on its last leg,literally since once of the wheels has broken off. At the advice of her best friend and witch Penelope she travels to Palm Springs to visit a little second-hand shop called RENEWAL. Her search for a bed and her visit to this shop would change her life in ways she could never have imagined.

While in the shop she is attracted to a painting, it is a picture of a pier in Bergen a busy seaport in Norway but when she looks at it it is as if she was standing on that pier in real life and when the salesman tells her it was waiting for her she drops it buys the bed of her dreams and leaves. Buying gas she looks in her back seat only to see the painting and before she knows it she is no longer at the gas station but on the pier and being chased by men calling her a witch. Determined to get rid of the painting she arrives home only to have her neighbor and friend Leif Calland standing outside her apartment. When he sees the painting he immediately brings it into the house so her determination to see it gone has to wait.

On more than one occasion Carynn finds herself back in Bergen, being chased and having a little girl run up to her begging for help. She is asked to come back with “him”, but who is he. She time travels back and forth to Bergen at times in bed with a man named Herleif Calland who must be a relative of her friend Leif whose actual name is Herleif. The Herleif in Bergen loves her and she feels safe in his arms but on other visits to Bergen she is chased and drowned and has no use of her magic to save herself.

With the help of her friends, Leif’s grandfather Christian, research and her familiar Tag a small bird, Carynn begins to find the answers to why she keeps returning to Bergen and what her purpose in doing so is all about.

If you love time-travel, witches and a beautiful love story for the ages then this is the book for you.