The Witch of Blacklion Book Cover The Witch of Blacklion
Joy Ross Davis
World Castle Publishing, LLC
February 11, 2019

The Witch of Blacklion follows the lives of two couples in a small Irish community in 1915. Rory and Mazey have a happy life raising their five-year-old son and helping out the town with their lush garden. A trauma causes Mazey to pull away from Rory and find solace in her painting. Richard is the new doctor in town who is immediately mesmerized by a reporter named Laura. Their happiness is short lived when Laura and her mother survive after the ship they were journeying on sinks. She claims an angel saved her life, and becomes obsessed with proving his existence while digging for proof that local healer Old Shelley is a witch. The perfect lives of the two main couples are disrupted by a series of tragic events. Laura and Mazey each suffer through a trauma that changes their lives and sends them both on obsessive missions. Love and romance blossom, however, and touch the lives of Old Shelley the shape shifter and Mordecai, the guardian angel.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

The Witch of Blacklion uses actual events that occurred in the early 1900’s as a backdrop for its story, which follows two couples in Northern Ireland.  Along with these two families, Day adds in Irish mythology, magical elements, a witch, and an actual guardian angel.  The concept is intriguing and the incorporation of the historical moments gives the reader an easy way to connect to the story.

I hesitate to call it a romance as the couples are either already established, in the case of Mazey and Rory, or the romance development is secondary, as in the case of Richard and Laura.  The only romance that is on the page is between Old Shelley and Mordecai, and this happens quickly on page.

The integration of the paranormal is done well.  It was the pacing of the story, particularly the conclusion that felt rushed to me.  It felt like this could have been a much longer story.   Overall this was a good story.  It just felt like it could have been so much more.