Their Dark Reflections Book Cover Their Dark Reflections
Amanda Meuwissen
MM Paranormal Romance
Dreamspinner Press
November 3, 2020

Personal assistant Sam Coleman can do it all: housekeeping, groundskeeping, bookkeeping. The catch? It’s a con.

Ed Simon, his newest millionaire boss, doesn’t know Sam Goldman is a Robin Hood for hire who targets rich jerks. Sure, Sam keeps the money for himself, his crew, and his real employers, but at least they only steal from bad people.

Until sweet, fumbling Ed, who doesn’t seem to have a single vice. Too bad the people who hired Sam won’t let him back out. They want Ed’s money, and they’ll hurt Sam and his friends to get it.

For years Ed has kept people at arm’s length, but Sam’s charms wear down his defenses—just as he learns their budding relationship was an act. Sam isn’t who Ed thought he was, but Ed has a dark secret too: he’s a vampire. And someone is framing him for a series of bloody murders.

When the real villains force their hand, Sam and Ed must choose: work together, trust each other, and give in to the feelings growing between them… or let what might have been ble

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When your plan is to steal from the rich and keep it, the last thing you expect is to fall in love with your mark.  Unless your mark is also keeping a secret that will turn your world on its head.


 I thoroughly devoured this book.  Amanda Meuwissen has a gift for creating multi-dimensional characters, full of moral ambiguity, and making you fall in love with them.  This book is no exception. 


Sam Coleman, or is it Goldman, and Ed Simon are perfect examples of their skills.  The sweetness of the romance juxtaposed against the darkness of their adventures just makes it so much more intriguing. 


 There are some really great twists and turns that keep the reader on the edge of their seats.  My favorite part of this book was Ed Simons.  For all of his life experience, seeing him fall in love and deal with his insecurities was just so fun to read.  This is definitely a darker narrative with some violent scenes.  It is not gratuitous in any way and is very much a part of the story. 


 This is a great book for paranormal romance fans, especially fans of vampires and darker storylines.