Third Love Book Cover Third Love
Heaven Sent Book 3
Mary Abshire
Paranormal Romance
Evernight Publishing
February 8, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Andrew and Emily are now in Springfield, Missouri after their third demon, Susan Williamson. Susan is on her third marriage and after Emily does some research on her she finds out she had two children with her first husband both of whom died and one child with her second husband also dead. She also was involved in cases where she worked when children suddenly died but of course she was never punished for any of those deaths and now she works in the neonatal unit of a hospital.

Andrew and Emily have been watching Susan but there never seems to be the right place or time to kill her she is either in the hospital or at home with her current husband and three children. Posing as a married couple and renting a house near the demon the next obvious move is for Andrew to get a job as a nurse in the same hospital as Susan and hopefully in the same Unit. Once again they find themselves needing Troy’s help and since what happened previously with Emily he wants nothing to do with Andrew. It is only after convincing Troy that this time she would not be in danger is he willing to do his magic.

The feelings between Emily and Andrew are getting stronger and he has no doubt that he loves her but sex between them would mean another year on Earth something she is not willing to allow him to do, but how long can they keep their feelings under control? Killing this demon is becoming more and more essential since her current children are showing signs of abuse. Emily wants nothing more than to kill Susan herself but Andrew refuses to allow her to do anything that could eventually keep her from Heaven.

This was a very powerful story because it involved children and as much as it seems inconceivable that a mother could kill her own children we know that it happens. A weak husband who sees what is going on and lets it happen, children scared to do anything wrong and a society that often seems oblivious to what is happening.

Andrew begins to believe that his meeting Emily and his feelings for her were all planned by the powers that be up above but he has found the one woman he wants to spend eternity with and wonders what Heaven is up to. I look forward to finding out who the next demon. Each book involves a demon who Emily and Andrew must find and kill but how they do it and what the demon is guilty of are what makes these books exciting. I also love watching as Emily and Andrew’s love grows.