Three Months to Change Book Cover Three Months to Change
Dinah Roseberry
Mystery Romance
Visionary Living
September 26, 2018

Lenora was changing—not in any frightening way. At least, not at first. There was the intense ability to shield herself from abuse that was very empowering. But her other senses had become heightened as well, and that’s when she’d begun seeing scenes from the past and smoky dark mists in her home. Meeting Frankie had been a wonderful treat—there weren’t many men who could stir her emotions as he was prone to do. Still, there was something strange about him, something haunting, something she couldn’t put her finger on. Ah, well, desirable men with the air of mystery were compelling and fun. Weren’t they? And what about Rex? She wasn’t sure. He was part of a fearsome family, making her wonder if such tales of werewolves and monsters were true. Just how did she fit into this strange new world? And why would she even want to? All she kept hearing, however, was that there were only a precious three months before a full change. Time was awastin’.

Review by Madison Davis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Lenora Dale, painter, artist and working part-time in a frame shop, unexpectedly gets a flower delivery, together with an invitation to the reading of a will. The will is her father’s, a man she never knew and of whom her mother hadn’t been able to speak before her passing.

Lenora is still about to decide whether to accept the invitation when a man, Frankie, crosses her path. He intrigues her, makes her feel safe – and disappears as soon as she turns her back. Lenora, called ‘Lenny’ by her best friend Margo, a fan of the supernatural world and a ghost hunter, finally decides to accept the invitation and finds herself in a world she didn’t know exists.

Lenora is a strong woman, brave and heartily, who learns about a part of this world she is now involved in. Nothing she ever faced, not even her abusive alcoholic of an ex-boyfriend, prepared her for the secrets her father’s family holds. Her stepmother Charlotte is the leader of a pack like no other, but her upcoming occurrences pull them all into a vortex of energetic evilness.

We not only meet Lenny and Lenora, Frankie and Charlotte, but also Margo, whose knowledge of the supernatural is priceless and essential for this novel.

In this book, I didn’t fall in love with the protagonist Frankie, who seems to drive some double standards in my opinion. This time I got a secret crush on Divine, a handsome rebel with a smart brain and one of the guys who are as well distrustful as also supportive.

The book is written in a fast, scientific pace which had me read certain passages twice or even three times. Nevertheless, the story is fascinating and eventful and never gets boring.

In my opinion, there are a few paradoxes within the evidence. On the other hand, I’m not exactly a scientist and might have misinterpreted a couple of explanations. In the writing world,some stories are hard to follow sometimes, and still, some events are needed as a part of how the books proceed. The fact that my scientific understanding is severely limited does not mean the book is less entertaining! More the opposite!

I enjoyed the read very much! ‘Three Months To Change’ is recommendable, even if a reader isn’t a fan of Science Fiction.