Tied In Knots Book Cover Tied In Knots
Immortals Book 7
LJ Vickory
Fantasy, Romance, BDSM
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
July 26, 2017

Absu, god of sweet water, was afraid for the first time since he’d been accused of destroying an entire village and then exiled from the Overworld to an Immortal compound on the East Coast for his crimes centuries ago. The tempting sister of his brother-in-arms is clearly his mate but, in his mind, she’s a complete innocent. His dominant side roars to be unleashed, but the consequences could be devastating if he loses control again. His primal self craves her as his Chosen, but marking her now could scare her away forever. Losing her to his inner beast or an ill-fated prophesy is not an option.

Charlene Dunsky is anything but meek. Most days, however, this young chef prefers to remain submissive to the strong alpha male she believes she’s found in the handsome hulk who has befriended her brother and shares her love of food. Charlie never thought she’d find the perfect Dom after her failed marriage, but Absu shows all the signs of a proper caveman, if he will just stop treating her like fine porcelain and claim her as the prophesy threatening the group in the Blue Hills demands.

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Another great edition to the Immortals series and another God seeking his Chosen. Absu is the God of Sweet Water and he knows that Charlie Dunsky, his DEA buddy Ken’s sister is his Chosen but he has to win her over and he goes about it all wrong. I your read the previous books then you know that an invisible God becomes corporal around his Chosen and as soon as Charlie appeared so did he.

Charlie is very into BDSM and Absu’s gentle approach leaves her wanting more and trying to decide whether she can overlook his vanilla approach to sex. Both of them are very attracted to each other but once again the lack of communication on both their parts could cause this union to never happen.

King Nergal confesses that Beletseri is ex-secretary and a huge enemy to the Gods and Goddesses once again did something that could send the Gods back to the Underworld leaving their wives and children alone. When a Chosen is not with her mate she will eventually die and now time is running out for them. All the Gods must find their Chosen in a period of eighteen months and Absu has to rush along his pursuit of Charlie.

Charlie is unawares of the true nature of Absu and the othe’s she meets but her little girl Maity knows everything. She is able to mentally talk with the others but is still too young to express verbally what she knows. She even is aware when Beletseri feigns friendship with Charlie and when she refers to her as DOGGESS, Charlie thinks she is talking about a dog.

As always finding and bonding with your Chosen doesn’t run smoothly, Absu is using the wrong approach with Charlie leaving her ready to run, unfortunately it is to Beletseri she is running along with her lover Matthew. Charlie is ignorant of everything that is going on around her but she thinks Beletseri is her friend and is willing to accept her help, help that involves her leaving everyone behind including her brother Ken.

This book is filled with suspense, demons, sex, secrets and surprises. Kulla is a God who found his Chosen hundreds of years ago but once again secrecy caused his Chosen, Obedience to disappear and it is unknown if she is alive or dead. Kulla and Obedience are just a taste of what is going on in this book, people from the past return, Goddesses are having babies and families are reunited. Then there is Absu and Charlie who both share a love of BDSM but who refuse to speak of it and put their relationship in jeopardy.

Love this series and can’t wait to find out which God is next although I think I know.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**