Touch of Magic Book Cover Touch of Magic
Jules Featherstone
A Charmed Matchmaker Story
Futuristic, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Demons/Devils
Independently Published
December 12, 2019

Hedge witch Nya specializes in finding soulmates with magic. After a tragedy detonated her matchmaking business, she and her mates have put everything into a new start in a new space. Now she just needs clients.

Logan, the sexy-but-human building contractor who built Nya’s new shop, hires Nya to find his soulmate. He’ll be perfect for easing back into psychic matchmaking. But when she works her magic on Logan, nothing goes like it should.

Nya’s attraction to Logan might mean her clairvoyant gifts are malfunctioning. Or it might mean there’s more to Logan than she thought. And what she didn’t know about him could break her career and her love life—forever.

Touch of Magic is a paranormal romance, reverse harem book with adult themes, language, and content.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Nya is a hedgewitch who finds soul mates, but a tragic occurrence brought an end to her business. Nya matched a woman with her soul mate, a soul mate who turned out to be a psychopath and killed her and all the good matches she made could not make up for this one mistake.

Now with the help of her five mates she is starting a new business only her past is still keeping people from coming to her. She did get one client, a girl named Daciana, a shifter whose parents are ready to mate her, unfortunately she isn’t. It is up to Nya to find her soul mate or soul mates and then she will have to get more clients if she hopes to keep this business going.

Logan is a master carpenter who has refurbished her new place and who is anxious to find his soulmate. He was badly hurt by the woman he loved and as part of her divining for a soulmate Nya takes a memory from her client to help her find the right one. Unfortunately, things go wrong when Logan comes to her for help and the memory she takes causes him and her pain.

With five mates you would think that Nya would be satisfied but there is something about Logan that makes her feel he could be more than just a client but she has her other mates to take into account.

Magic, five amazing mates all of them parakind with all kinds of powers, a hedge witch trying to begin again and a human who has no idea what awaits him. There is a lot of sex between all six partners and it is explicit.