Trinity Book Cover Trinity
Deborah C. Foulkes
Paranormal Thriller/Hint of Romance
October 22, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been twenty-five years since a young girl in France has given birth to twins. According to the doctors, the girl was still a virgin. The church believed a prophecy that twins would be born: the first born would be the Anti-Christ, and while two priests waited for the birth, two others stole them away before the first could be killed.

Now Father Daniel McNeish has been sent from the Vatican to find the girl and return her to the Vatican. There is no way of knowing which twin was born first. but it didn’t matter to the church because they would never accept a female as the new Messiah. Father Daniel found and spoke with Joshua who was living in America. Now he is sure he has found Joshua’s twin sister.

Cayne King works as bartender in a seedy club and shares a small dingy apartment with her friend Mary. Mary is a drug addict and sells her body, but that appears to be the only difference between her and Cayne. From first looks, it would appear that Cayne is undoubtedly the Anti-Christ, and Joshua, who is kind and religious, is the new Christ. But we all know that looks can be very deceiving.

Although young and not very experienced, Daniel was sent by Cardinal Trebey. Trebey should be a man of God, but he is power hungry and wants to one day be Pope. In pursuit of that goal, he is determined to see that Cayne is killed and Joshua is fulfilling his new role of the new Christ.  Daniel, with the aid of his friend Father Michael Roach, wants to return Cayne to the Vatican. They are convinced that she will not be killed, but they are not privy to Cardinal Trebey’s real goal.

In spite of the fact that Cayne suffers a form of stigmata and Daniel sees something special in her, nothing will convince Trebey that she is the One. Feelings between Cayne and Daniel grow, and it gets to the point where he can no longer hide what he feels. A priest, a girl who could be the new Messiah or not, makes for some real drama.

I am not a lover of books that in any way are based in religion, it is not my thing, but I did enjoy this book and did not have to resort to skipping chapters. If religion is your thing and the idea of a new Christ and Anti-Christ is something you enjoy, then I have no doubt you will love this book. There were surprises and some suspenseful moments.