Trust the Wolf Book Cover Trust the Wolf
Shift Book 1
Zoe Ashwood
Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance
January 24, 2019

You never forget your first wolf.

Emilia has sworn off dating strangers, so she should avoid Jason - especially after her fierce savior shifts into a wolf. But she can’t seem to stay away.

Jason knows falling for Emilia will come to bite him in the tail, yet he doesn’t report her to the Shifter Council. When their enemies learn of her true identity, he’ll have to protect her, even if it means risking his job - and his heart.

From New York City to the wilderness of the Canadian North, this steamy shifter romance will take you on a wild ride. Start the series today!

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Emilia Vega went to a club with her best friend to meet a blind date unfortunately the blind date didn’t show and the man she met would change her entire life. On her way to the restroom she rabbed by a man and before he could do her any harm she was rescued by a gorgeous stranger who asked for her ID card. The ID card she showed was a human one he wanted the SANA ID card a card for shifters.

Jason Evans works for the Shifter Assembly of North America in New York City, it is the governing body for shifters and it is his job to make sure all shifters are registered and taught the rules. He advises Emilia that she is a half-blood, part human and part bear and to prove what he is saying is true he turns into a wolf right in front of her eyes. What he should have done was immediately report her existence, an existence until she met him she knew nothing about since she was adopted. Her mother died in childbirth and so she was never aware of what she was since there was no one to educate her about being a shifter, how to shift and what the rules were so that humans never found out about their existence.

A few days after Jason let her go she calls and they meet both of them aware of a strong connection to each other and once again Jason does not do his duty even though he knows it could cause the lose of his job or even worse. When he finally gives into his feelings for her and she is half naked on his couch he suddenly changes his mind, Jason knows who she is and whose clan she belongs to and touching her could mean his death. I don’t want to reveal too much about Emilia’s clan, her family and the danger she is in by the Guard, a rogue shifter organization who definitely does not follow the shifter rules of the Assembly.

I will say that she is whisked off by Jason to Canada by car where her smell just drives him crazy with lust and where she feels embarrassed by his actions in his house. She was rejected by him and has no idea why. Although it is not common knowledge who she is something until one day ago she didn’t even know herself the Guard somehow find them and attack. Emilia realizes just how dangerous the world of shifters is and that this is the new world she finds herself in. All she wants is to stay in New York with her adopted family and forget all about shifters and being a bear.

Her first shift is alarming but she is now realizing how amazing it is in her animal form and she knows that it is a secret she has to keep but keeping it a secret from those she loves may prove impossible.

This was a wonderful book that I couldn’t put down, Emilia and Jason and their determination to have a relationship, the Guard and their determination to capture her and her new shifter family and their view of half-bloods kept this story moving without slowing down. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.