Uncommonly Strong Book Cover Uncommonly Strong
Lethean Trilogy Book 2
G.R. Lyons
Historical Paranormal Romance
May 6, 2014

Joseph Hale has always envied his twin brother, Thomas, for having found his Lethean partner at such a young age. More than anything, Joseph wants to experience that bliss of union for himself, but when chance and circumstance finally bring him and his partner together, a fatal risk could end his life long before a joining could even become possible.

Set in an alternate, modern-day United States, the Hale legacy of uncommon strength is sorely tested when Joseph must survive the most excruciating torture a Lethean could ever experience.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

The Hale twins, Thomas and Joseph are Lethean only Thomas was the lucky one and found his partner, Spencer when he was still in high school. Joseph feels the pull of his partner but knows she is far away and in distress. In book one we read Landon’s story, the twins long long long ago great grandfather who like Joseph also waited late in life to find his other half.

Joseph feels his partner in the East and when they are offered a promotion and relocation they jumped at it with the hope that it would bring Joseph closer to his other half. Of course there is also the hope that she is Lethean and not human.

Sati Douglas lost her mother at child birth and her father unexpectedly died at the same time. She was lucky that her foster parents adopted her even knowing that she was born with a defective heart and was already living past the time the doctors expected. She owns a music shop and when there are weddings her father required her to play the organ something that destroys her faith in love. She can read minds and one groom after another’s thoughts leave her disillusioned. She also has never, ever felt any attraction to anyone male or female.

All her life she always felt something was missing and like Joseph she felt a pull only unlike Joseph she is in the dark about who and what she is. Since both parents were dead there was no one to help her understand what finding your partner meant. The missing piece is the other half of her soul.

When Joseph and Thomas arrive at their new location the pull for Joseph is very, very strong and he knows he is in the right place but he still has to find her and dive into a new job and responsibilities. Of course there is never any doubt that the pull would bring the two together but with Sati’s bad heart and need for a transplant finding each other could ultimately end with both their deaths.

I don’t want to reveal anything else about this book but I will say that I loved it even more than book one and that there were very emotional parts to the story that kept me glued to my seat. Thomas and Spencer were wonderful characters and since we learned more about Landon and Victoria from book one I hope we will learn more about the characters we met in this book.

This story is the past, book one, present, book two, and book three the future.