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The Fallen Guardians Book 3
Cassie Laelyn
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press
November 30, 2020

Heaven is his new Hell...
After centuries of torturous visions from Fate, party boy EJ, hides his guilt behind a perfectly crafted visage. When a woman appears in his dreams, full of sunshine and innocence, he thinks it's another punishment. But when the dream warps, EJ must question not only his destiny, but also his aversion to commitment.

Dreaming of a sexy book boyfriend is the closest thing Hailee has to a happily ever after. Years of running from her mom's imaginary demons ensured that. But when tragedy strikes and Hailee's caught in the middle of a brutal war, all her hope falls on the reluctant hero she thought was a fantasy.

As an ancient battle threatens to tear them apart, EJ and Hailee must fight for their happy ending before their nightmares become a reality.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team 

EJ is one of the Fallen Guardians, he was the one who suspected that Blaine was going to fall and said nothing now they are all being punished by Fate for that mistake. EJ is the one getting the brunt of Fate’s anger suffering from visions she sends him of the future, tragic visions where he is always unable to change what is destined. His first love is Stella but she is not up for discussion.


Hailee and her twin sister Ebony have been on the run all of their lives. Their mother insists that monsters are after them and Hailee and Ebony are convinced she is crazy until the night that the monsters did appear and did kill her mother. Hailee has a lot to learn about who and what she is but once again she is on the run, her mom dead and Ebony missing. Her dreams are filled with a handsome man where they sit on the beach, he is a fantasy just like the ones in her romance novels.


It doesn’t take long before EJ realizes that Hailee has brought him into her dreams and what is happening is real. She is a Dumahel, twins who are half mortal and half angel and one is dark and one is light. There is no doubt that Hailee is the one who is the light. Their father abandoned them when they were born but that is another story I won’t reveal. Once it is apparent that Hailee’s dreams are real EJ is able to get information from her as to where she is hiding so that she can be brought to the Guardian mansion for safety and for a plan on how to find Ebony who has been taken by the Fallen.


EJ feels a connection to Hailee, a connection he refuses to accept, he is a loner and intends to stay that way, just him and Stella. Hailee is now immortal and she is a dreamwalker and Blaine needs both twins to put his evil plan in motion. Hailee is in danger but EJ will do anything to protect her. Everyone else at the mansion is convinced that Hailee and EJ are soulmates, Hailee has deep feelings for him but having a soulmate scares the hell out of him.


I love this series and would recommend it to anyone who loves romance, sexy heros, good vs. evil and a book that you can’t put down, well I couldn’t. EJ a Guardian who has Stella the love of his life and a soulmate he keeps trying to ignore. Hailee, an innocent who always believed that no man could ever live up to her fantasy romance novel men but could EJ make her change her mind. There is also the mystery of Stella but it is a mystery you will have to read this book to discover.