Unusual Attention Book Cover Unusual Attention
B. G. Thomas
LGBT, Gay Science Fiction Romance
Dreamspinner Press
August 25, 2020

Until recently, Adam Brookhart has led what he considers a relatively uneventful life. His biggest problem is that he can’t let his guard down and allow himself to get close to anyone, emotionally or physically—until he meets Shane Farmer.

Shane lives in a small town many miles from Adam and is his complete opposite. In fact, he’s just about the last person Adam can imagine himself in a relationship with. But Adam is drawn to the man, and neither distance nor their differences can keep him away.

Late one night, while driving home from Shane’s house, something very strange happens. Adam loses two hours of time and has no idea how or why. But as he digs for clues, the answers he finds are totally crazy… and the man he is falling in love with might be crazy as well.

Originally published in Contact (Gothika #5) in October 2016

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Reviewed by Cristofer Garton

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Here we have another fascinating tale from B.G. Thomas. I was turned onto Mr. Thomas’ writing through another novella, Unfinished Business, which I also enjoyed, and so I was delighted to review this one. Side note: I love stories set in smaller towns, and was pleased to learn this one was set in Missouri. Unusual Attention is a fairly short read, so my review will be succinct and to the point. This is a novella about two people who fall in love amidst unusual circumstances. There are a species (?) of aliens called the Greys who are all gay (and have a great take on child-rearing), alien abductions and abductees, the concept/exploration of “lost time,” and an unlikely (almost reluctant) romance between two men. This is a HFN story, so if you enjoy science-fiction and queer romance, you’ll enjoy this. Trust me on that.