Upside Down Book Cover Upside Down
Bronco's Boys Book 2
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
August 15, 2014

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Andrew Grey has done it again. He has written a story filled with romance, love, mystery, lies, betrayals, courage, and loyalty. This story got all my emotions pumping, sad, happy, and nervous. I have read many, many of Mr. Grey’s books, and they never cease to amaze me. How does he come up with all his ideas, when a simple review gets my heart racing? Unlike many gay books I have been asked to read and review, Mr. Grey writes books about regular men facing the same problems as any other person, loss of a loved one, illness, loneliness, and pasts that haunt them. His use of explicit sex is not used haphazardly, but is always done with love and emotion. Many gay books are aimed at a specific group of people, meaning the book is all sex and little story, so only certain people would love it. In this case, as a woman who has been married over fifty-three years, I feel that Mr. Grey’s books could be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their sexual preference.

This story is about a man, Lowell Cartwright, who has lived a lonely life as a mercenary. When he got out of the military, mercenary work seemed to be the perfect fit for him. He could still do what he was trained for without all the political nonsense attached to the military. On his last assignment, Lowell ran into difficulty when the client refused to pay him. With gun in hand Lowell, aka “Spook,” made a surprise visit to said client and, of course, he left with his money. The problem he faced was that he was followed, and his location was compromised. This was the final straw for him and he wants “OUT.” The only person he knows who might be able to help him is Bull, whom we met and fell in love with in Inside Out. Of course, the last time Bull and Lowell saw each other was when Lowell entered his home looking for trouble. Now Bull and his lover of over a year, Zach, want nothing to do with him. A visit to Bull’s club changes Lowell’s life forever.

At the club, Lowell sees a man he can’t take his eyes off. This man is a very close friend of Zach and Bull’s, and the attraction seems to be mutual. Jeremy Hodgson wants to see more of the man from the club, but Zach and Bull have other ideas. Can Lowell get the help he needs? Can he leave his mercenary work and still live? How did Bull do it? Jeremy and Lowell begin to have feelings for each other, only Jeremy has no idea of who the real Lowell is. If he finds out what Lowell has done in his past, can he accept him? Can Lowell hope to have a relationship with Jeremy without bringing danger to his door?

This is a wonderful book filled with amazing characters, Bull, Zach, Lowell, and Zach’s best friends, Tristan and Kevin. Someone is after Lowell; is it his last client? There are surprises and suspenseful moments. A story of courage and wanting to start over. A story of love and faith. A story that could be about anyone, and one that I believe could be enjoyed by anyone.