Vampire King of New York Book Cover Vampire King of New York
Arnhem Knights of New York #1
Susan Hanniford Crowley
Paranormal Romance
Soul Mate Publishing
June 4, 2013

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I want to begin my review by saying that before reading this book, even though it says it is book #1, you should read The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais. That book explains what a Telkhine is and introduces Laura and David. For some reason the books did not go in order. I have read many reviews where people have complained about wanting David and Laura’s story and an explanation of what a Telkine is. Both Laura and her sister Elizabeth are Telkines.

Maximillian Vander Meer is a thousand year old vampire who owns a huge company and is the creator of the Arnheim Society in New York. This Society and their Arnheim Knights have been protecting humans since its creation in 1626. Max is the Vampire King of New York; in spite of his wealth and power he lacks the one thing he needs–his lifemate. Now at the brink of walking into the sun, he makes one last plea to the Goddess Freya. Will his plea be answered and finally bring his lifemate to him?

David Hilliard and his wife Laura are at dinner with Laura’s sister, Evelyn. A year ago, Evelyn lost her husband and young son in an accident, and she ran to her sister for comfort and support. When Laura was first turned, Evelyn threw holy water in Laura’s face and slammed the door. When Laura left a red balloon with a note outside her sister’s door, Evelyn burst the balloon and ripped up the letter. However, when tragedy struck, Evelyn needed and wanted her sister. Laura and David welcomed her with open arms and brought her to stay with them in New York.

Evelyn’s life is about to change in more ways then she could ever imagine when Max walks in to the restaurant where David, Laura, and she are dining. Max knows immediately that Evelyn is his lifemate. Evelyn can’t believe the Viking she has dreamed about all her life is standing before her. Max was a Viking who left to attack a village, but never returned to his wife, Svenna, because that trip was his last as a human. Turned by a vicious vampiress and held as her prisoner for seven years, he lost everything he loved–his wife and son. Now he is sure Svenna has returned as Evelyn. Can he get her to love him and accept that she is his lifemate? Evelyn knows he is a vampire, but it is something she refuses to become. If she does accept him, their life together would not be very long. Max is willing to take whatever she will give him.

This is a beautiful love story that transcends time. David and Laura are prominently featured in this book. It was great to learn where they are and what they are doing. Evelyn knows there is a bond between her and Max. However, having been betrayed and physically abused by her deceased husband, she is not ready to give her heart to Max. There are also violence and threats. Someone is killing humans and wants Max, but the identity of the killer is a mystery.