Vanished 3 Book Cover Vanished 3
Carter Quinn
MM Mystery/Thriller
Carter Quinn Books
December 21, 2015

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This is the third and the final story in the Vanished Series by Carter Quinn.  For those who began this series at its beginnings, then had to deal with the terrible cliff hanger, I feel so sorry for you. I do not think I would have been able to wait another minute in-between these stories.  

From the beginning we learned about Henry Cooley and Tom MacKinnon and the great life they had. These men had each other for over 20 years. They had good jobs and an adopted son, CJ, whom they adored.  It only took but a moment for all that to go away and our author hits home with that thought, it’s hanging over the reader throughout all the books. Don’t take anything for granted.

Tom MacKinnon has disappeared into thin air. Henry loses himself to grief and his reality has been tested with a full breakdown. His mind travels to places he spent with Tom, the thing he holds on to, and it breaks your heart. The finality of his loss triggers the reader to use their own reality of grief to comprehend this loss, making feelings travel even deeper. We all have felt loss.

Turning a corner, Tom leaves his long time job with his adorable assistant Trevor and finally feels the relief of taking that pressure off his plate. He begins to try to move forward with baby steps; that is until he gets that phone call from Tom asking Henry to help him.

Since Henry now works at an agency that can help him possibly find out what is going on, ‘the group’ starts searching for clues about how he would receive a mystery call with Tom’s voice. What they begin to unravel,  I never saw coming.

Carter Quinn takes the reader to mystery thriller hell, with twists and turns and dead

ends and the roller coaster ride that seems to never end. Cannot spoil this for anything, just must say that for an author who never has written in this mystery genre, whoa baby!   Anyone who likes being teased by a mystery MUST read this, anyone who just likes a well told story MUST read this, and anyone who likes a love story MUST read this!

P.S. Carter: Your Dad would have loved it as I did.