Veil of Justice Book Cover Veil of Justice
Shadows of Justice Book 3
Regan Black
Paranormal Romance, Thriller
Getaway Reads, LLC
August 28, 2013

Review By Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer Paranormal Romance Guild

This is our review of the Third book of Regan Black’s Shadows of Justice Series. We were very excited to be asked to review this book and found we wished to read Book One and Book Two in the series first. Although these books can be stand alone, you certainly will want to read all three. They are that good!!!!

Veil of Justice features Kelly and Nathan. Kelly was Petra’s secretary, in Book 2 who had gone missing. Nathan is Petra’s brother, also a telepath. He has gone under cover to prove the evil Dr Leo Kristoff  is tampering with DNA and other genetic alterations that are impairing soldiers in the field . Kristoff has not only killed many Nathan had served with, but is now after something that has become very important to Nathan, Kelly.

Nathan’s cover has him arrested for murder. While incarcerated he begins a telepathic connection to Kelly.She becomes his lifeline. When he starts to fracture and can no longer physically nor emotionally stay in solitary, he cries out to her for help. Kelly comes to his aid. Again the battle is for good over evil.  Jaden and Brian, along with Petra and Gideon are brought in to solve the puzzle.

Kelly hides her history from everyone, almost until it is too late. She has always felt like the family failure, being the only daughter of six brothers and an Alpha father. We learn that her families mission has been to protect something. Her father and brothers are slaughtered and Kelly again thinks she was never part of them.

I will not spoil the plot any further. What I will do is discuss how much I enjoyed reading all three of these well written, well thought out stories,  that entwined themselves for this trilogy. I think I liked the fact that each story had a woman as a warrior. Each heroine had strengths in her own right, and was certainly not a damsel in distress. Each of their partners truly loved them for their strengths, trusted their abilities,  but as Alphas themselves, still felt protective. There was humor, light hearted repartee, spine chilling murders, and great storyline. My hat is off to you Regan Black !!!!I hope to see more from you soon.