Vengeful Spirits Book Cover Vengeful Spirits
Spirit Voices Book 3
Sandy Wolters
Paranormal Romance, Native American
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
August 12, 2020

Nathan Gordon has been hired by a ranch owner to find his missing cowboys, and to also investigate several mysterious animal mutilations. The job brings him closer to the beautiful Navajo Medicine woman, he fell in love with at first sight. Yet, he can't quite bring himself to believe in some of their rituals. Not to mention terrifying spirits.

Bright Flower has known since she was a child, Nathan is the man she is destined to marry. However convincing her grandfather is harder than she thought it would be. Just when she and Nathan have his blessing, malevolent Skinwalkers target their loved ones, and threaten to take away all she and Nathan hold dear.
The battle they wage could end in a living hell, sending Nathan and Bright Flower to a fate worse than death.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


Another wonderful addition to a wonderful series, a series I hope does not end for a while. Although characters from the first two books make appearances and there is a wedding coming up this book can still be read as a stand-alone, but why would you want to miss out on such a wonderful series.

Nathan Gordon has been hired by a rancher, John MacAllister who has bought a new ranch and needs help in locating his missing men. Men sent to check out the property have disappeared without a word and Nathan and his partner Peter Jursic are there to find out what is going on. Nathan and his best friend  own Bastion Enterprises, a security firm, and he is also friends with Jody, who is lovingly called the ghost whisperer, and Rainy, a Wiccan High Priestess, both of whom we read about in the first two books so Nathan would not be totally shocked if what is happening is far from normal.

Nathan is in Arizona not far from the Navajo Reservation where the woman he has fallen in love with lives. He dreams of Bright Flower and has only seen her in the flesh once but he has no idea that his dreams since childhood have always been dream quests and very real. Bright Flower has always known that Nathan would one day be her husband and he is the only man she will ever wed in spite of her grandfather’s insistence that because they are shamans she has to marry a Navajo.

The only one that knows the secret of the land and the curse placed upon it is Spirit Keeper, Bright Flower’s grandfather, a secret he has not shared with anyone including her. The time has come when the protective barriers around the land are breaking down and that could eventually mean devastation to humanity. I won’t reveal what the curse is or how it has to be destroyed but I will say it kept me on the edge of my seat. The various protocols that are part of the Navajo beliefs were fascinating whether true or not, and I choose to believe, made for a great read. There is also a chance that this venture could bring an end to the relationship between Bright Flower and Nathan.

I picked up the book and did not put it down until I finished it, dinner could wait but finding out the end couldn’t. I can’t recommend this series highly enough, spirits, superstitions, romance, secrets and suspense, what more could one ask for.¬†