Vengeful Vellum Book Cover Vengeful Vellum
Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book 19
Mildred Abbott
Cozy Mystery
Independently Published
October 26, 2020

Scrapbooks of memories, tragic history, and town council elections are a deadly combination…

The final hurrah of the summer tourist season coincides with Estes Park’s commemoration of the Big Thompson Canyon flood and the results of the contentious town council election. As the warm evening gathering for somber remembrance wraps up with dramatic election announcements, the surprises involve shouts of anger… and murder.

Following a trail of blackmail, Winifred Page discovers a crime with more twists and turns than the Cozy Corgi Bookshop’s mystery room can handle. But as a scrapbook featured in the crafting club illustrates, there is no case Fred and her corgi sidekick, Watson, can’t unravel.

Secrets are revealed and dark history uncovered, thanks to a group of avid scrapbook aficionados. And Fred will need all the dirty chai lattes the Cozy Corgi Bakery can craft if she is to find the threat buried somewhere in the past or living and breathing in one of the charming shops on Elkhorn Avenue…

(This culinary cozy mystery includes a recipe for a breathtaking Peach and Vanilla Bean Pie.)

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer & Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Mildred Abbott is it book #19 already? The stories are getting better and better, as well as that new peach pie recipe I will try this weekend. I must say, number 19 was a tremendously interesting story, following the actual history of Estes and the flood of ’76.


I was left finishing the last book #18 thinking the next one would be all about the Town Council Election and was truly surprised by where Vengeful Vellum went.  This story encompassed so many of the townsfolk and their secrets.


We did get to hear what officers won, yet it did not encompass the entire story. It was just happening. What did encompass the story was ScrapBooking!


Scrapbooking is such a constant in cities and small towns, and with its secrets shared in those rooms by women is like a confessional never to be shared. The person who breached the walls and blackmailed became the victim and with that Fred, Leo and Watson followed the crumbs along with Susan  and Officer Campbell in a   harrowing grand finale!!!!


Keep them coming!!! 


*Thank Goodness Estes was saved last night from horrible forest fires coming straight for them. It snowed 10/26/20