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Gallowglass Book 2
Jennifer Allis Provost
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Bellatrix Press
December 5, 2017

Who is hunting the gallowglass?

When Karina and Robert relocated from Scotland to New York, they expected things to settle down. New York is known for many things, but a hotbed of supernatural occurrences isn’t one of them. Karina returned to her life as a graduate student, and agreed to teach a class over winter break. That was when things got weird: first she and Robert encountered an angry centaur, then a fairy enrolled in her class, and Karina learned that her mentor just might be a deity. When the Seelie King started making unannounced visits to Karina’s apartment in the middle of the night and warning her and Robert to be careful, she knew things were serious.

All of these events led to a single question: Who doesn’t want the gallowglass on American soil?

Meanwhile, Chris has problems of his own. The university grudgingly restored his teaching position, his agent and publisher are hounding him for a sequel to his worldwide bestseller… and he wonders if he can teach again. Write again. Hell, he can barely even speak to a woman after what happened between him and the Seelie Queen. Then a woman—a fairy woman—comes into Chris’s life, and damn it all if he doesn’t want her to stay there.

The god plays their hand, and the Seelie King calls Robert to his side. Alone and more frightened than she’s ever been, Karina tries to solve the mystery of who is hunting the gallowglass. Will Karina find the answer in time, or will Robert be lost forever?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Karina, Robert and Chris are now back in New York and everything seems to be normal, the key word is seems. The plagiarism case against Chris has been dropped, he is back at Carson University as a professor and Karina is teaching a geology class during winter break. Even Robert managed to get a teaching position at the university so what could go wrong?

Chris is being pressured by his publisher to write a sequel to his best selling book only he is convinced that Nicnevin drained him of his inspiration. He is also staying away from women since between Nicnevin and Olivia his ex-fiance he is gun shy where women are concerned.

When Karina sees her class she immediately recognizes that one of her students is fey since Robert used a legendary fairy ointment on her eyes she has the ability to see them. Little by little things at Carson take a weird turn, Karina’s mentor Dr. Berkley now appears to be anything but a mortal and Dean Hargill’s real identity is still a mystery but he is definitely not what he appears to be.

With all the strange things going on at Carson the sudden appearance of King Fionnlagh in Karina’s home at all hours is just another warning that something bad is brewing and his warnings to both Karina and Robert confirm that. Someone doesn’t want Robert around and Karina, Robert and Chris never expected to be surrounded by so many supernatural beings in New York.

There is a war brewing and Karina discovers things about herself she never thought possible, is she the key to ending the war and saving Robert. Chris is also dealing with the fey in Karina’s class, Anya who seems to be the muse he needed to get him writing again and finding love.

There are many surprises but the best part of this series is the three main characters and the love they share with one another.  Bring on book three I can’t wait.