REVIEW: Who Knows the Moonlight (The Vigilante Book 3) – Tere Michaels

Who Knows The Moonlight Book Cover Who Knows The Moonlight
The Vigilante Book 3
Tere Michaels
LGBT Romance/Dystopian Science Fiction Fantasy
Dreamspinner Press
February 23, 2021

Vigilante Nox Boyet won’t rest until he brings down the man who has destroyed his beloved New York City and now threatens the people he loves. But once he’s taken prisoner by the monster behind the carnage, Nox needs help.

Cade Creel has come a long way from his days as a high-priced rent boy, but he never expected to join the Vigilante on a high-stakes quest, never mind fall in love with him. Now it’s time to step up.

Separated and desperate, Nox and Cade have their work cut out for them. With the help of new friends and old enemies, they must identify the man who has turned New York City into a dystopian nightmare and get the hell out before a raid by the Feds turns the city into a warzone. But first they must find their way back to each other.

Reviewed By Shin Mon Thway

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Frankly speaking, I never thought I would get to read the ending of this series. It has been over 5 years since I read the second book of this series and I had to read back all the books in the series to be able to read this book. And I guess it was a charm in itself to reread because it reminds me why I really liked this series back in the day.

New York in post apocalyptic settings and the epicenter of decadence, gambling, fleshing trade and various vices to indulge yourself and get lost in it. A vigilante was not only needed but also needed desperately to tilt all the axis in check. And Nox Boyet is our essential hero. The flamboyant and sassy high-end fleshboy Cade is his counterpart who our hero needed to function properly in his life. The previous books were thrilling, exciting, full of action and excitement as well as bloodshed and turf wars. But now, our boys are finally back, five long years later, to continue their vigilante journey.

In this highly anticipated sequel of vigilante series, the boys are back with a BANG! Vigilante Nox Boyet has come back with a vengeance to solve his and his family’s problems once and for all. Nox is determined to clear the mess they once created and to bring down the man who destroyed his beloved city The Big Apple. Cade, his life was a pampered and highly sought after pay-boy has long been over. Now he has joined the group of vigilantes that he had never ever dreamed of in his life and now madly and truly in love with Nox. But fate is a funny thing. They are now apart, both determined to clear the mess once and for all and be with each other happily for the rest of their lives. But to find the way back to each other’s arms before clearing this mess, it’s the real challenge after all.

I do not want to spoil too much of explaining what will happen in the end because this book has been long awaited by many fans. Let’s just say it’s a very satisfying ending (at least for me). It’s not so easy to set up a book in a dystopian world with this much thrill and excitement and Tere Michaels has managed to have done it. It was very well written. The only drawback about this book would be the fact that this isn’t a standalone book. You need to read the previous two books in the series to be able to enjoy this amazing series. Highly recommended if you are a fan of sci-fi romance with a bit of thrill and excitement.

4.5 A good hero for a good city stars

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