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Cozy Corgi Mysteries, Book 8
Mildred Abbott
Cozy Mystery, Animal Mystery, Women Sleuths
Independently published by Mildred Abbott
October 11, 2018

Fall gives way to winter in the Colorado mountains, ushering in snow, pumpkin spice, the bugling of elk, and murder…Estes Park bustles with tourists and locals for its Halloween celebration, and Winifred Page and her corgi sidekick, Watson, are enjoying their favorite pastries as they greet trick-or-treaters outside the Cozy Corgi Bookstore and Bakery. But a chilling afterhours break-in at the charming bookshop leaves Fred and Watson shaken, especially with its connection to a recent poaching incident in the national park. By daybreak, on a cool morning walk through town, Fred discovers the body of one of the poachers…When Fred’s close friend, park ranger Leo Lopez, asks for her help in proving the innocence of a fellow ranger, Fred and Watson join the investigation. But with every uncovered clue hinting the police have the right person, Fred must uncover a mystery whose webs reach into the past and her experiences over the past year. Even amid the beauty of the snow covering the mountains and the twinkling lights of the beginning holiday season, Fred and Watson won’t make it to Thanksgiving without facing dangers and revelations that will change their lives.

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Each book that I read in Midred Abbott’s series seems to say  ‘this is one of the best of the series’!  So I will not do that any longer. I will though preface this review by saying “This #8 is the Best of the series!

From the onset of this series Ms. Abbott has introduced a picturesque northwest town Estes Park, having back rounding mountains and a beautiful national park. We met Winifred Page moving there to be closer to her family. Fred brought her dog a corgi Watson; opening the local book store the Cozy Corgi. In addition it gave us another character and a wonderful baker Fred’s new friend and partner Katie.

More players have been introduced and after eight books we feel we live in Estes Park as well. Fred’s claim to fame is being the town sleuth. She has solved more crimes than the local police. Enter Branson the handsome officer in the sheriff’s department.

This story goes back to the National Park and the animal poaching that Ranger Leo Lopez has echoed for a long time. It is fall in the mountains, and snow is on its way, the holidays are a whisper away. Of course, murder and poaching are foremost BUT in this telling, many things that this author has hinted at are also shockingly answered.