On Wings of Time Book Cover On Wings of Time
Lochlainn Guardians
Linda Boulanger
Paranormal Romance
TreasureLine Publishing
October 12, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is a story of dragons, time shifting and love. Amileigh McCollum went out on a picnic with her friend Kienan only to find themselves being chased by dragons something she only believed to be make believe. Riding her horse as fast as she could she made the mistake of looking back and that is when she fell off  the horse into a pit. When she finally got out of the pit it was to run as fast as she could to her castle in Somerled but that is when her life would change forever.

Ami found her home in ruins and her family gone. When she heard voices she hid but when she heard the name Tavish she came face to face with two people from six hundred years in the future. Luke Tavish is the great grandson of Kienan and before she could discover anything else there was a shaking and she and Luke found themselves back in her time.

It was a coin that Luke’s grandfather insisted he always carried with him that indicated he was from the year 2016 and he was much more than just a normal man he was a dragon. Ami is a Prihom the key to releasing Luke’s dragon and when they married and consummated that marriage his dragon would be released. The girl chosen for him existed six hundred years in the past and Fate sent him back.

Wizards infused a serum placing the essence of a Kedan dragon into a man but it took the power of his Prihom to release it. There is a war between the Kedan dragons and the Dubhagan dark dragons the dragons who want to rule the world and make men their slaves. Now Luke who is a confirmed bachelor and Ami find themselves being forced into a marriage neither seems to want. Fate decided that Ami and Luke were meant for each other and they find themselves unable to fight the inevitable.

I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more. If dragons, castles and romance is your cup of tea then drink up this is the one.