Winter Duet Book Cover Winter Duet
Echoes Rising Book 2
Anne Barwell
Historical M/M Romance
DSP Publications
December 27, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

When we left off in book one Clara Lehrer, Kristopher’s sister was taken into custody by the Nazis and that is where she still remains. Holm the one in charge of finding Kristopher knows of her importance once they catch her brother and once that happens her life would be worthless.

Kristopher and Michel have been hiding out in the attic of a convent waiting for Kristopher to totally heal from his injuries before trying to get to Switzerland. Kristopher still struggles with the fact that he did not see what his work would mean as a weapon and worries that once the Allies have the plans that they could use his work as a weapon as well to end the war.

Matt, Ken and Liang the Allies who were sent to bring Kristopher and his work back with them still have no idea were he and Michel are. Holm’s sister has been sheltering them, she loves her brother and her country but hates what the Nazis are doing.

The Allies have been bombing and Kristopher and Michel decided to help by clearing the rubble and help the injured but when Michel mistakenly spoke French it brought the SS in Kristopher’s path. This is the first time that the two have been separated and their fear for one another is huge.

It takes a downed RAF plane to bring Kristopher together with Ken in an attempt to find and protect one of their own. In the meantime Matt pairs up unexpectedly with Michel and Liang finds himself in custody experiencing the same punishment that Matt did when he was taken. The only problem is that Liang is not a soldier and is not prepared for what faces him. Can he hold out against the beatings or will he give away information that could lead Holm’s to Kristopher?

I am not going to give anything more away but I will say that the author does an amazing job of making you feel the affect of war on children and on the innocent civilians. There were moments when you could feel the fear the men felt and yet they did not stop from doing their jobs. This was a time in history when trust was hard to come by, parents and children would turn each other in without a thought but the weapon Kristopher helped create was something that had to be protected at all costs. Unfortunately this war did not bring an end to war and still today men are dying serving their country.