Wolf Blooded Book Cover Wolf Blooded
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Paranormal, Fantasy, Shifters
September 12, 2020

"Do you happen to know where I can find a werewolf around here?"

Detective Zane Daley’s life changed a year ago, under a full moon. Now he’s looking for the jerk that scratched him. What he doesn’t need is for a sexy blonde with a strange first question to mess with his need for privacy by mentioning the word werewolf... when the rest of Miami doesn't know about the species.

Kennedy Gray is looking for her father's killer, and nobody thinks her theory about his attack is legit. She searches city streets after dark looking to prove the existence of the animal her father had scribbled on a notepad. W-wolf. All she has to do is find one. But will handsome detective Zane Daley believe her when their attraction to each other blurs the danger that stalks her, in return?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This book like all the others in the series held my attention from page one. A beautiful woman, Kennedy Gray is on the search for werewolves who she is convinced killed her father. Detective Zane Daley, who one year ago was scratched by a werewolf, is also searching for the werewolf that scratched him and turned him into a monster. 


Zane comes across Kennedy while she is walking around in a dangerous neighborhood putting her life in danger but she will not stop till she has proof that werewolves killed her dad and that they exist. The first thing Kennedy asks Zane is “do you happen to know where I can find a werewolf around here.” A very strange request but one he has no intention of answering, what could he say, you are talking to one.


Admittedly Kennedy is not acting in a sensible way, if she did come across a werewolf what would she do, how would she fight it but her determination has overrode her fear. Zane is just as determined to protect Kennedy as she is to put herself in danger. There is an instant attraction between the two but how can he ever hope to have a relationship when he becomes a monster during the full moon, and how would she ever accept that he is the monster she is searching for.


While accompanying her in the park to where her father was killed they come upon a new monster, one neither of them were aware of and it is only with the help of the Landau’s that they are saved. If you are familiar with this series then you are very familiar with the Landau’s werewolf pack who it turns out is very familiar with Kennedy’s dad since he had visited them on more than one occasion.


Kennedy is about to learn that her father has kept secrets from her and as a reader I was surprised to learn all the secrets that were kept from her and other secrets that I couldn’t have anticipated. The book was full of suspense, amazing characters, secrets, surprises and everything I could ever want from a paranormal Romance. 


Kennedy and Zane are both introduced to a new world but whether there is a chance of a relationship between them is not for me to reveal. I can’t recommend this book highly enough for anyone who loves a paranormal romance as much as I do.