Wretched Book Cover Wretched
A Last Hero Novel Book 2
Cara Crescent
Sci-Fi Romance
December 1, 2018

In 2263 A.D., the fighting between nations led to a single malevolent prime minister governing Earth—a perfect Utopia made possible by voiding the opposition and exiling the undesirables to another planet. A war changed all that. Five years later, there’s one last hope.

Chief Donovan Reese, once the leader of the largest rebellion in Earth’s history, has seen better days. Karma tends to be like that. Now a disfigured galactic bounty hunter with a gambling-addict for a business partner, and a band of wounded warriors as staff, it’s no real surprise when he’s taken captive by the Vladsets. Expecting to be killed, he’s shocked when the queen demands he wed her daughter instead. Suspicion is quick to follow. Why does the queen fear the tiny figure hidden beneath black shrouds? Why is the Intergalactic Alliance keen for the marriage to stand? And why, despite his war-weary heart, is he drawn to his mysterious bride?

In Vladnese, Celeka means Wretched. That’s how her queen mother sees her—how everyone does. That’s why she keeps herself shrouded. But it’s what she’s done to save her sister that makes her feel truly wretched. While unsure of the Chief she’s bound to, he’s her best chance of survival. Though, if he discovers what she did to save her sister, he might kill her himself.

Caught between one Queen’s struggle for power, the Intergalactic Alliance’s mechanisms, and their responsibilities to their respective worlds, they must risk everything for the chance to stay together.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Donovan Reese and his partner Macie find themselves prisoners on Troon a planet led by Queen Vessa whose only interests are in what is good for her and her only. Donovan was once a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force when there was one and when the United States still existed now he and Macie are bounty hunters. It was Donovan who led the rebellion against the UN who took over as the global governing body exiling anyone they considered unfit. Now known as Chief he and Macie are sure that the Vladsets are going to kill them after they are finished torturing them.

When the torture finally ends Donovan is shocked by Queen Vessa’s order that he marry her daughter Celeka. Faced with death or marriage he chose marriage and he was married to a small woman very unlike all the other Vladsets wearing a shroud covering her entire face and body. Even though he did not see her when her mother began to insult her he took her side to protect her. According to the Queen, Celeka is deformed and should not be seen even by her husband.

When finally aboard their ship Donovan discovers the Celeka means Wretched and he immediately changes her name to Sorcha meaning Brightness. No matter how many times he tries to get Sorcha to reveal herself to him she refuses, she only reveals her lips when Donovan is told by one of his superiors to kiss her and make the marriage binding. He had no idea that a simple kiss by Sorcha would result in a soul merge. A soul merge used to be a binding between loved ones but Vessa changed it to be done to enemies so that their lives could be taken.

In spite of not seeing Sorcha he begins to care for her. She is gentle and caring and love begins to bloom. Vessa’s reasons behind marrying off her daughter are revealed and her reason for picking Donovan becomes a mistake she soon wants rectified by his death. Vessa cares little for her people and even less for her daughters, Celeka and her twin Mujara.

A discovery is made of a powerful weapon and Vessa wants it but needs information in order to use it, that is where Celeka comes in. What she never counted on was for Celeka to begin to love her husband, the first person to ever show her kindness and the first person to ever protect her even without seeing her deformed body and face.

This was a very exciting Sci-Fi book with very wonderful characters. Macie, Donovan’s partner is so deserving of a book of his own and I hope it happens. Donovan and Sorcha learn alot about each other and whether she is deformed or not is not something I will reveal in this review.  Donovan a man who cares for others, a man scarred both inside and out and a young woman afraid to reveal what she is and how she looks find each other by the cruel dictate of a malicious, evil woman and what happens is something you should truly find out for yourself, you won’t be sorry.