Secrets Book Cover Secrets
PsyCop Book 4
Jordan Castillo Price
M/M Paranormal
JCP Books, LLC
October 18, 2009

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I am getting goose bumps. Yes, this series is under my skin, and I love it all, Ms Price! I love the nerdy Vic, such a neurotic, the one who is the master and cannot see it, the one who feels even after moving in with Jacob, and all the hot and messy sex, that he is not worthy, and this will all break.

Then there is Jacob, the cop who has it all: the job, the reputation, the tall, dark and mysterious heart throb, who by just looking at Vic, people say “get a room.” Is enamored a word still used in romance books?

This is another book where the entire ensemble works together. You again get a taste of what all of the ‘special’ cops bring to a case.  Seeing, ghosts, the yes/no, and solving this is quite an experience.

The main theme, though, is Jacob’s ‘sin of omission’. Vic wants to look up a friend who was with him at Camp Hell, just to see what he is up to. The man does not exist; nor does the internet show anything about Camp Hell. The Vic looks himself up. Guess what? Nada. Questioning Jacob, he is troubled by what is not being said by his lover, and then his friends, and his new partner.

The book is wonderfully paced and moving to a new place. It has funny and sexy moments. Now on to CAMP HELL! AND I AM SCARED!