Sedona Serenity: Southwestern Paranormal Romance with Shifters, Psychics, and Secrets (Sedona Pack Book 5) – Lisa Kessler

Sedona Serenity Book Cover Sedona Serenity
Sedona Pack Book 5
Lisa Kessler
Southwestern Paranormal Romance with Shifters, Psychics, and Secrets
Lisa's Lair
February 15, 2021

Ryker Lawson has had a string of bad luck over the years. After a tragedy at work, he mounted his Harley and rode into the sunset, only to be attacked and bitten by a werewolf. Burying the past, he’s focused on the future as a member of the Sedona Pack and working as the bartender of their Wolf Pack Bar.

Serenity Harlow is in the battle for her sanity and her life. After her mother’s torturous attempts to “cure” her powerful psychic abilities, she’s lost in the maze of her own mind. But a voice calls to her, a sister she lost long ago, and there’s someone else. She recognizes him even though they’ve never met. Ryker is her destiny, but if she can’t control the power growing inside of her, she could lead to his destruction.

One touch and fate sets them on a collision course with tragedy, but Ryker isn’t afraid of a fight. In fact, he’s betting his life that his luck is finally about to change...

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

What can I say that I haven’t said before, this is an amazing series with amazing characters, suspense, romance, sex and betrayal but this book goes beyond all that because it is a story of a gifted girl seeking love from her mother and never getting it.


Serenity Harlow has psychic powers, telekinesis, astral projection where her soul can leave her body making her the perfect spy. Her adopted mother has no qualms about using Serenity’s talents when they suit her all while professing that she is trying to cure her and make her well. As Serenity got older, she realized that her mother didn’t want to cure her and the shifters she helped her mother capture. When she tries to fight back her mother locks her in a sensory deprivation pod and that is where she was found and rescued by the Sedona Pack along with her half sister and brother.


Ryker Lawson took leave from his job as a police officer after a call went wrong and never expected he would be bitten and turned into a werewolf, but that is his new reality. After touching Serenity he realized that she is his mate and every day he sits next to her reading, talking and praying she will wake up. She lays in bed wasting away not wanting to return to it but Ryker finally gets through to her. When she wakes, she is determined to put an end to her mother and protect Ryker and the pack that has saved her. These are the people she helped betray and they have forgiven her but she can’t get rid of the guilt she feels for putting them in danger.


Ryker will do anything to keep her safe and away from her mother. Her mother will stop at nothing to get her back putting the entire pack in danger. She has control of the Timberwolves men she created using shifter DNA and her company Evolution Defense will stop at nothing to get what they want. Serenity has finally found what she longed for a family and love something her mother always told her she would never have. Now she knows that she has to work with the pack and Ryker and can’t go it alone.


Serenity has powers that are dangerous yet she never tries to use them to destroy but even so Ryker has to convince her that she is not a monster just a girl who believed in her mother and thought she was helping others. It was an amazing journey seeing Serenity come to terms with who she is and watching as her relationship with Ryker grew. Serenity knows a war is coming but she will not be fighting alone.


Loved this book, love this series and can’t recommend it highly enough. Although the books do not end in a cliffhanger this series should be read in order because the characters appear in each story and the fight against evil continues.

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