Please join the PRG in welcoming Terry Poole as September’s Featured Author!


A bit about myself:

I currently live in the Interlake in central Canada. This is the area between the two huge lakes which bisect the province of Manitoba. Lately, we’ve earned a new nickname, Little Tornado Alley. If anyone needs proof of climate change – ten years ago tornadoes were unheard of here, but now they are a frequent occurrence. Still, I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

I’ve always told stories, and loved writing in all its forms. Writing novels was simply the next step. Over the years, I’ve written for some very well known publications and publishers, but fell into M/M through fan fiction (Tumblr and AO3).

A friend found out about my interest in M/M and introduced me to Mary Calmes, and Abi Roux. I was hooked and haven’t looked back. I drew upon my medical experience for my first novel, and you will discover that doctors and medical situations do tend to appear in my stories. You will also find a lot of cops because law enforcement seems to run in both my family and my hubby’s. The old adage ‘write what you know’ is very true. The rest however, is pure imagination.


My inspirations for writing or becoming an author:

My mind doesn’t have an ‘off switch’, and my favorite words in the English language are ‘what if?’. As a child I would draw stories on adding machine paper rolls. In school, I was fortunate to have teachers that encouraged my story telling, constantly being told to ‘put it down on paper’.

Selling my stories was good enough for me until I met an editor with Harlequin Books. She taught me that my stories could be so much more if I developed them into novels. She was right.


My books:

My first paranormal series is: Seeing is Believing and Seeing is a Curse. These stories feature a ghost cop and his friends, and the world they discover that exists behind our own. There’s plenty of suspense in these, and quite a bit of humor as Nick tries to navigate the living world as a dead man.

The book I am currently working on is Rudy, my first shifter book, and will be out this fall. It is loosely based upon the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Claymation film of 1964. I’m already planning the sequel.




Why did I write it?

Ghosts have always fascinated me, but not the scary Amityville kind. Years ago, I saw a movie called RIPD where a dead cop is sent back to earth to round up escaped souls. It and the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze struck a chord and sparked a ‘what if’ moment.

I wanted to write about a murdered cop who came back to solve his murder but ended up falling in love. Before I knew it, I was world building. What can he do? Why can he do it? Are there others?


Why should people buy it?

Over and over, reviewers and readers have raved about the new take I have on the whole ghost trope. Can Nick pass through things? Yes. How does he deal with simple things we take for granted such as sitting on a couch if he’s going to pass right through it. Does he sleep? Can he eat? Can he make love, if so how?

It took me weeks to sort out the logistics of how a ghost would, or could, exist in our world.


Where can readers find my books:

Readers can find my books pretty much everywhere: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Google Books, Kobo, Loose-id, MLR Press.

Seeing is Believing was released by Loose-id but Seeing is a Curse will be released by MLR Press very soon. I’ll be announcing the date with a cover reveal shortly. Rudy and Rudy 2 will also be released by MLR.

Check out my website for buy links and information on upcoming books and events.

Feel free to stalk me on:




Seeing is Believing

As the only witness to the murder of a police detective Max Cooke never thought the dead detective’s ghost would appear at the foot of his bed two days later. Not only does Max have to deal with the often ridiculous fallout of being bonded to a ghost, he ends up falling in love with the dead man haunting him.

Instead of wings and a harp Detective Nick Horvath ends up with a writer of romance stories, a sweet lonely man who brings out all his protective instincts.

When the murderer comes for looking for Max, Nick has to find a way to stop him. But if Nick succeeds, he may be forced to leave the man he loves. If he fails, Max could become the killer’s next victim.


Seeing is a Curse

Coming back from the dead changes a man as Detective Erik James discovers when he is reunited with Doctor Kevin Stuart, the love of his life. The last thing he expected was to become a ghost whisperer, able to guide lost souls.

They barely get a chance to explore Erik’s new abilities when they are abruptly forced apart by blackmail. All because of the greed of Kevin’s own ambitious Sentinel father.

Kevin must enlist the help of an old friend to try and end his father’s plans, and hopefully win Erik back before it’s too late.

In the meantime, Ivan, Erik’s dead partner Nick’s twin brother, is brutally attacked and left for dead. Erik is convinced it was because of him.

Teaming up, the men must weed out the corruption rampant in the Sentinel Hierarchy, save Ivan’s life and stop Kevin’s father.

Piece of cake.



Hated by his family for being a living reminder of his father’s infidelity, Rudy never expected that a blind date mix up would change his life.

Clay, an engineer fresh out of the military, is the answer to Rudy’s dreams, becoming Rudy’s co-worker, protector and lover all rolled into one gorgeous package.

Not only do they mesh well together to bring Rudy’s vision to life, neither can deny the overwhelming attraction that sizzles between them. An attraction that almost ends before it could begin because of a misunderstanding that leads to Clay in jail for assault.

Filled with hatred, Donny, Rudy’s older half-brother, tries to destroy him, and stop Rudy from saving his grandfather’s toy factory.

Only Clay can save Rudy’s life, and the toy factory, if he’s not too late.