Severed Relations Book Cover Severed Relations
Finn O'Brien/Cori Anderson Thrillers
Rebecca Forster
Crime Thriller Fiction
June 1, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Review and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

2nd Place PRG 2016 Reviewer’s Choice Awards – Adventure/Thriller Novel

Looking for a crime story writer, Rebecca Forster is tops!!!  Her Witness series has been a great go to of mine for many years. It is with great joy that she has started another series in this criminal vein, which begins with Severed Relations, her new Finn O’Brien/Cori Anderson Series.

Let’s start with Finn O’Brien : Finn is LAPD Wilshire Division. He is not the hero of the department or hero of his home. Cleared for killing a fellow officer, he is shunned by everyone in the building, including the janitor! His wife wants a divorce because her life with him is not what she would envision now, because she is being ostracized as well. Life is a bit heavy for him at the moment. Finn is called upon to solve a brutal murder that occurred within their jurisdiction. Finn’s chief is forced to bring someone from a neighboring division to even work with him and he hunts down Cori Anderson his old partner.

Cori Anderson: single Mom of a young flighty unwed daughter,  who now has her own child. They three all live together. Cori has always loved Finn from afar, and the partnership,  aside their police techniques work well together.

The murder is in a very posh neighborhood, a gated professional area called Fremont Place where a nanny and her two charges have been viciously killed. The parents are a well –to- do young lawyer and his beautiful wife, who upon first view are in shock losing their two beautiful baby girls. The crime scene is grisly, with the babies carved to pieces. They have just returned from a trip to Paris to find this has just happened.

Ms. Forster takes us along with the detectives, on a hunt for the killer, as we are along with them, following clues, interviewing everyone they can to put together what happened and why. Who was the hit on, the nanny or the children? And why?

We follow as they start with the crème de la crème of the rich, then Cori and Finn work thru all types needing help from professionals, and finally to the dregs of society. The relationship between the parents is heartbreaking. You can imagine in this situation, as you watch it  and them unravel,  we see this happen  in real life;  couples try to hurt each other for the guilt each feels.

Ms. Forster is such a strong writer in ferreting out human behavior, as we slowly watch and piece together who dun it!  We see Finn and Cori keep their humanity faced with such a horrible crime. As always just when you think you have it all buttoned down, our author gives you a what for, and makes you say awwwww…..

Needless to say the story was thrilling and chilling and just what a thriller should be…But the end was spine tingling….a keeper…