Sex Spells Book Cover Sex Spells
The Devil's in the Details
MM Paranormal Romance
Pride Publishing
January 21, 2020

Sex spells... Sometimes what they conjure can be deadly.
After being dumped by his latest boyfriend, Aiden lets a friend talk him into visiting a sex spells shop to get a spell or charm for good luck in love. The charm appears to work when he meets Lyall, the man of his dreams.
Garen, a special investigator of paranormal activity, is called in when a victim is found burned to death in his bed. With the help of his husband Luke, he looks for the link between subsequent victims to discover how to stop the demonic power that's killing them.
When they find the link is Aiden, who is being used by a practitioner of the dark arts to conjure a demon of fire, it becomes a race against time to save him from becoming the final victim and thereby unleashing one of the most powerful fire demons ever known.
While Luke must try to protect Aiden and Lyall from a demonic force, Garen must face the demon's summoner.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Aiden McCartney has found himself once again being dumped by the man he thought was the one. His boyfriend Dolan was away and Aiden was counting the minutes until he arrived home–but a phone call put an end to his wait and broke his heart.

His best friend, Farrah, decided to take Aiden to Phoenix Love Spells. The business card said sex potions or sex hexes, so Farrah figured what could Aiden lose? Unfortunately, smart people know better than to tempt fate and allow a stranger to take your blood and profess to have made you a charm that will give you confidence and find you love.

Vasuman appears normal but is anything but. Aiden falls for his pitch hook, line, and sinker. When he finally goes to a club he meets, Lyall and they hit it off. This convinces Aiden that the charm he was given worked. He had little confidence in himself, and did not believe it was him, not some sort of magic.

All that happened was Vasuman used Aiden’s blood to call out a demon. Once again we meet up with Garen, and his husband Luke, who are called on to solve the murders of two men who appear to have had the life drained out of them. Aiden becomes a suspect when the two men are linked to him. When Dolan, the man who just recently dropped him, is also found dead, it is hard to not believe Aiden is the killer.

If you read The Red Thirst, then you are very familiar with Garen and Luke who are called on to solve murders that are supernatural. Now they have to find Vasuman and the demon he has called on because it is possible that Aiden will go from suspect to murder victim.

Although this book was a stand-alone and reading The Red Thirst is not necessary, it would give you a better idea of who Garen and Luke really are and their strong relationship with each other. There was suspense, explicit sex, and a beautiful story about a man who needed to learn that he is loveable and didn’t need magic to find the right one.