Shifter's Storm Book Cover Shifter's Storm
Ice Age Shifters Book 5
Carol Van Natta
Paranormal Romance
Chavanch Press
December 12, 2019

In a dying fairy fantasyland, can two shifters tell if the magic between them is real?

While volunteering for hurricane cleanup, sheriff’s deputy and leopard shifter Chantal Hammond stumbles across two escapees from a fairy fantasyland. Unfortunately, when she tries to help, she ends up trapped. She quickly discovers she's lost in a mini-world of trouble, and more captives need rescuing.

Prehistoric sloth shifter Dauro de Mar and his friends have cruelly been imprisoned in their animal forms for years. His plan to lead the escape is mostly wishful thinking until an intoxicating and magical leopard shifter arrives still in her human form. She's their game changer.

It's going to take Chantal's and Dauro's combined skills, magic, and courage to evade evil hunters and greedy fairies, and get everyone out of this mess. Especially since the fairy fantasyland is disintegrating. Can they fight off danger—and their sizzling attraction—long enough to win their freedom? Or will they be destroyed by the mother of all storms when this magical land dies?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Chantal Hammond is a deputy sheriff, a leopard shifter, and the daughter of Jackie and Trevor who we first met in book one. Chantal is part of an exchange program that has brought her to Barron County, Florida. When she is asked to volunteer to aid in the recovery efforts of a small island in Puerto Rico devastated after Hurricane Chantal hit, and yes, the hurricane was called Chantal, she jumps at the chance.

When she arrives, she meets two badly injured shifters. However, her efforts to help led them all to be trapped in a demesne, a private fantasyland created by Nessireth a fairy to keep her collection of aquatic exotics captive. All the shifters are trapped in their animal form and are unable to shift back to human. Some of the shifters were there for centuries, like Dauro de Mar, a prehistoric sloth shifter who has been there for 400 years.

Chantal is determined to set all these shifters free. She knows the demesne is losing its magic and decaying, which would bring death to those trapped inside. Unfortunately, Nessireth died and now her two nieces have taken over and they are no better than their evil aunt. They are determined to sell all the shifters in the demesne, so getting everyone free is Chantal’s main priority.

Wrangler’s are on their way to collect the shifters. Chantal poses as one who is there to do an early appraisal giving her the opportunity to steal some artifacts and charms and get the nieces to partake of a drink with a drug putting them asleep. Working together, every one of the shifters uses whatever magic they have, and they are all able to shift. However, after so long in their animal form their senses are attacked by smells they are unused to. The effect is a whole lot of shifter barf.

Chantal and Dauro realize they are probably mates. Chantal knows Dauro has been away from his human form and from modern civilization for so long he may be jumping at the first person he thinks belongs to him. She is unwilling to take advantage of him. The battle to be free and the challenge to accept whether they are mates was exciting and kept me glued to the story.

I look forward to more in this series. For now, this is the last book available, and I must be patient.