SNAP: I, Vampire Book Cover SNAP: I, Vampire
Book Nine of The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles
Michele Drier
Paranormal Romance
February 3, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I want to begin by saying that I have loved every book in this series but if you have not read any of the other eight books, which I definitely recommend, then this would be the book to start with since Ms. Drier does an amazing job of bringing you up to date on what previously occurred.

It has been two weeks since Maxie’s change and her marriage to Jean-Louis. She is now part of the family who own SNAP the world’s largest and richest celebrity gossip news network with television and magazines. She is also a vampire and has alot to learn. Returning from their honeymoon in the Alps Jean-Louis and Maxie discover that there was a bombing in one of the Royals homes. They found weapons at the scene from the Kandesky munitions factory. Nik Jean-Louis’ blood brother has worked very hard to insure that none of their weapons fall into the wrong hands but they apparently have.

Terrorists have had access to Kandesky weapons and Jean-Louis and Nik are determined to find out how that happened and who is responsible. Radical Islamics are getting weapons from the Kandesky factor and it has to stop. When Jazz, Maxie’s friend and Nik’s girlfriend is attacked it makes finding the person in charge even more important. Nik’s love for Jazz often makes him unable to think clearly or conduct business the right way so it falls on Jean-Louis to help him through it.

I absolutely love this series, the characters and the romance are off the charts. Jean-Louis is from a time when women were put on a pedestal to be protected and loved, unfortunately for him Maxie is a twenty-first century woman and insists on being independent. Her desire for independence often causes the two of them to butt heads. Nik has found the same trait in Jazz but is having a difficult time letting go. The men are constantly being lectured about their over protectiveness but sometimes it falls on deaf ears.

The story is filled with danger, intrigue and sex everything you could want in a paranormal romance. Other than the fact that the story involves Vampires the story is one we live with every day fighting terroism.