Sticky Fingers Book Cover Sticky Fingers
Davidson King
MM Romance
Davidson King
January 25, 2020

When the desperate needs of his family must come before his dream of finishing his degree, Kyle, feeling both guilt ridden and heartbroken, knows what he needs to do. But when his help isn’t enough, a shady idea offered by his even shadier friend proves the only saving grace.
Mergers, acquisitions, and philanthropy consume Maddox’s days and nights prompting an overdue visit to his best friend’s luxury resort. Finally enjoying some R&R, he meets an adorable botanist working there for the summer. But a surprise visit from his ex and a shocking theft from his suite turn Maddox’s trip into chaos.
Trusting his gut, Maddox strikes a deal to help Kyle make up for his sticky fingers. But when his heart gets involved and his ex refuses to let go, Maddox’s plan starts to unravel. A summer of romance, deceit, and greed have both men navigating emotional waters, leaving them to wonder if true love and their happy ever after will come to pass.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Kyle is a young man about to enter his last year in college and when he graduates he will fulfill his life long dream of being a botanist. Unfortunately all his plans come crashing down when his parents advise him that his mother’s second surgery is being held up and that the house is going into foreclosure. An automobile accident left his mom is very bad shape and of course the driver had no insurance, no money and no family and the surgery she got was up to his parents to pay for. One more surgery and his mother would finally be out of pain but even if she went through with the surgery she would most likely have no home to come back to.

With no other way out of the bind Kyle offered his college tuition money to forstall the foreclosure and to ensure his mother gets the operation she needs. Now he has to find a job to help out and that is where his friend Jeff, a good for nothing in everyone but Kyle’s eyes appears to come to the rescue. Jeff is dating a very rich girl whose father owns a very swanky resort and he offers to get a job for Kyle too. The one stipulation to these jobs is that Jeff insists they steal from the wealthy guests ensuring that Kyle will have the money he needs to keep his parents home.

Kyle tries to convince himself that stealing is a selfless act, an act to help his loving parents and possibly enable him to finish school and when he tries his first theft he manages to get caught. First I have to explain that the room Jeff sent him to was one he convinced Kyle belonged to a very ruthless man and so stealing from him was no big deal. The man he was trying to steal from was a man Kyle had met before, the best friend of the owner of the resort and a man he knew first hand was kind and caring.

Maddox Baron is the CEO of one of Baron Capitalist’s businesses but he is a man brought up believing everyone was worthwhile and his employees especially those who worked for him at home were like family. When he first saw Kyle he was drawn to him and now that he found him trying to steal from his safe he still saw a man worth a second chance in spite of the ranting and yelling of Nadia his some time girlfriend. Nadia wanted Maddox and was willing to do whatever it took to get him even in spite of the fact that he continuously told her there was no future for them.

In order to save Kyle he decides to administer his own form of punishment, and that is where I will leave you to find out what that punishment was and what happens between the two men.

I loved this book and became a big Davidson King fan after reading her Haven Hart series. Although this book is totally different from that series it was still wonderful and I read it in one sitting. I have read reviews by other people on this book and I do sometimes take into account how many good reviews a book has before making a decision whether to read it or not but that is not true of an author I love because I choose to make my own decision after reading it myself.