Super Simple Quick Start Guide to Book Marketing Book Cover Super Simple Quick Start Guide to Book Marketing
E.J. Stevens
Sacred Oaks Press
January 10, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


I want to begin by saying that I am not an author nor do I have any intention of publishing anything but if I were and if I did then this would be the book I would purchase.

The author has arranged the guide in the order in which she publishes her own books. She is an award winning author and has been on Amazon’s top list in several categories. Ms. Stevens began publishing as a novice making many mistakes and she learned the hard way how to properly publish. She has written this guide in the hopes that it will keep other authors from making the same mistakes she did.

I will just mention some of the topics in the book.

Build a Writing Template:

A guide to writing a template and tips to help avoid frustrating and time consuming pitfalls.


This is a topic I never even realized was necessary in publishing but the author does explain that if you plan to sell your book online registering for a copyright could save you all manner of problems. This topic is covered in full detail.

Beta Readers & Editors:

I have been a beta reader for many authors and now I understand the importance. Getting someone to beta read your book could save you a lot of money since editors can be expensive.

For someone who has no writing ability I did learn quite a few interesting things and I now know that publishing a book can be almost as hard as writing one. This is a guide that tells you everything you need to know to publisher your own books. Every possible topic is covered i.e. Pricing, ebook formatting, book covers and much more.

For anyone planning on writing and publishing their own books this guide should be a must next to a dictionary or thesaurus.