The Cup Book Cover The Cup
The Project Book 13
Alex Lukeman
Adventure Thriller
August 24, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

3rd Place 2016 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award –  Adventure/Thriller Novel

2nd Place 2016 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award  Adventure/Thriller Series

The Project Series has been on auto read for me since its beginning. I always love to be swept away with a good adventure. Mr. Lukeman never ceases to make me sit on the end of my seat, palms sweating, heart beating with fear, worrying about our small group of intrepid agents venturing out to save the world.

Elizabeth Harker heads this group, who report only to the President of the US. Stephanie Willets is our top IT girl and the famous four Nick Carter, Selena Connor, Lamont Cameron and Ronnie Peete move from one part of the world to another, bringing down the bad guys, insuring we Americans and the people of the world can sleep at night. Selena is a scholar, who can read ancient languages and speak almost every language which helps them in their travels.

This 13th book had me worried, as our group has been battered, beaten and bloodied so much I worry that their luck might run out. The Cup is a thrilling story of the here and now with ISIS at the forefront. We began in Sweden where we find a terrorist network hiding among the refugees admitted into the country. The search for The Cup, the Holy Grail becomes another deadly fight between good and evil.

Our author again the pied piper of storytelling has the reader on the edge of their seats as we travel to try find the cup if it exists before Isis does and while we are at it, find an atomic bomb being smuggled into America. The story is both telling of our time, and scary as hell.

As always this fast paced story Alex Lukeman tells is life like, interspersed with visions as if you were watching a movie and living it yourself…..Great read as always!