The Dark Deliverance: A Witch & Vampire Suspense Book Cover The Dark Deliverance: A Witch & Vampire Suspense
The Chosen Coven Book 3
D.L. Blade
Paranormal Romance
Amazon Digital Services LLC
October 31, 2019

The final battle begins . . .

To slay a monster, I will have to become a monster.
Maurice . . . I'm coming for you.
Mercy is barely holding on after losing her coven, who sacrificed themselves to save her life. But even in death, Caleb opens a path for Mercy to rediscover the ancient power that once revived her after she died the first time on Gallows Hill in 1692.
To find the magic she needs to bring back her coven, Mercy and Dorian journey to a desolate island off the coast of Barbados and uncover long-hidden secrets from a native shaman tribe. But their presence is unwelcome, and Mercy finds herself harnessing the universal elements to save the lives of her beloved coven.
Meanwhile, Maurice continues plotting to destroy the supernatural world until every last human on earth bows to him. Knowing he can’t kill Mercy, he conjures up sick and twisted games he can play with her in order to crown himself the Master of Hell.
Where there is pain and destruction, a new power emerges, and Mercy must hold on to faith that good will triumph over evil because, if not, Hell will consume them all.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I couldn’t wait for book three to get all the answers about the Chosen Coven and the characters I had learned to love but it is with sadness knowing that this series is over. Mercy has to deal with the loss of her coven who gave their lives willingly to save hers. The spell to block her feelings for Caleb and Dorian is not longer in effect and her love for Dorian has returned full force. Mercy has one goal and one goal only and that is to bring her coven back to life and kill Maurice once and for all.

In order to bring her coven back to life she has to return to Purgatory to find Caleb and get him to reveal the secret of how he brought her back but it is a secret he is still unwilling to reveal. What she did discover was that there is evil trying to enter the world an evil that must be stopped at all costs. Maurice has finally discovered the secret allowing vampires to walk in the sunlight and he is building his army, an army to destroy witches and werewolves and get his plan for world domination to become a reality.

Mercy discovers that in order to bring her coven back to life she needs the bark from a tree, the tree that she was originally hung from in the seventeenth century and a tree that holds more secrets than she could ever have expected. The search for the tree would once again put her and Dorian’s lives in danger but there is nothing that will keep her from trying. Dorian has kept secrets from Mercy and it is a huge secret that changes everything about him, but I will not reveal what the secret is. Mercy also discovers more about her past and that is also something I won’t reveal.

This book and this series held my attention from beginning to end, the characters are amazing and the battle between good and evil is filled with suspense. There are no questions unanswered and this last book left no page unturned.