The Golem of Mala Lubovnya Book Cover The Golem of Mala Lubovnya
Kim Fielding
MM Romance Novella
Independently Published
April 28, 2020

Created out of clay to protect the citizens of Mala Lubovnya from persecution, the golem is strong but desperately lonely. He is confined to an attic, and his only joy comes from listening to the evening prayers and watching a stonemason work across the street. Then the golem meets the mason—Jakob—who gives him the name Emet and becomes Emet’s friend. But Jakob is caught between his faith and his attraction to men, while Emet knows he may eventually be used as an instrument of violence. Emet’s name means truth—but can honest love survive for a golem and a devout man?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Rabbi Eleazer of Mala Lubovny knew that his people would be in danger and so he made a clay golem to protect them. The golem was modeled after a real man and was kept locked in the attic until he was called for. Every day he watched as a construction project was being worked on and especially a young mason who intrigued him. At sundown he listened to the prayers and the songs and it made him happy.

The golem was lonely and wanted to be around people and to help in any way he could but he still remained alone. One day a visitor came to see the Rabbi bringing bad news, the Duke was getting ready to attack and he begged the Rabbi to leave. There was a plague in the cities and of course the blame went to the Jews. With that warning the Rabbi finally decided to reveal the golem to the town and the very mason he would watch from the window asked the Rabbi if he could help him build his home. Finally the golem is let out of the attic and finally he has someone to talk to, Jakob. Jakob hated calling him golem and gave him a name, Emet.

Jakob is a pious man who always stayed by himself because he knew his thoughts and desires were against God and a sin. He and Emet spent much time together until the day the Duke’s threat became a reality.

I won’t say any more about what happened between Emet and Jakob but I could so relate to this story since it is exactly what my own grandparents suffered through until they came to America but as we all know prejudice lives everywhere.