The Lair of Anubis Book Cover The Lair of Anubis
The Project Book 20
Alex Lukeman
Military Intrigue
Amazon Digital Services LLC
March 6, 2020

An ancient papyrus describing the death of Cleopatra reveals the secret location of the lost tomb of Alexander the Great, supposedly filled with priceless treasure. Elizabeth Harker sends the Project team to Egypt, to find out if the tomb and treasure still exist.
It doesn't take long before people start dying. A secret cult has worshipped Alexander as the Sun God for thousands of years, and they're not about to let unbelievers desecrate the tomb of their god. They'll stop at nothing to prevent it.
Nick and Selena are getting older, their bodies starting to show the effects of too many battles and too many wounds. With two children to worry about, maybe it's time to quit. But neither one of them is quite ready to give up the adrenaline fueled lifestyle they've been addicted to for years. It's a decision they need to make soon.
But first they have to get through this mission, with no guarantee they'll survive.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz
Paranormal Romance Guild Sr Reviewer and Review Chair

Ahh Alex Lukeman, the 20th book and I am still cheering the Project Series!! How many years have we been together, and you still find ways to whet my appetite, spinning foreign intrigue, danger and the American way?

A simple visit from a museum curator asking for advice for a translation brings our gang together on another critical mission. We now are familiar with our team and it is a good reunion catching up on what they guys are doing now.

We are whisked off to Egypt to check out the papyrus, that Selena has worked on. The group are all complaining of getting old, but jump at the chance to follow Elizabeth Harker and the team to check out the possibility of finding a hidden tomb.

Again Mr, Lukeman sends the reader with the team into dangers not only in the desert but at home. Our author also tempts the reader with a few chapters from the Twenty First book….the next in the series!!!….Cannot wait!!