The Lost Jewels of Hera Book Cover The Lost Jewels of Hera
Kelly Abell
Fantasy romance
World Castle Publishing

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

At one time Earth was a peaceful place, no floods, fires, earthquakes or volcanoes, but all that changed because of an angry and jealous goddess, Hera. When she found out, once again, that her husband, Zeus, was with a human woman, she decided to punish humans and her husband. Zeus had gifted her with a magnificent necklace to show his loyalty and devotion, it contained four precious jewels and each jewel was bonded to an element. The diamond contained Aeris, the air elemental, the sapphire Aqus the water elemental, Emerald held the heart of Terra, Zeus’ daughter who was the earth elemental, and the ruby contained flames of Ignis, the fire elemental. In her rage she tore the necklace apart and scattered the jewels to parts unknown.

As soon as the jewels were scattered each of the elementals disappeared as well and were confined on Earth as demi-gods until they could find their jewel and put the necklace back the way it belonged. Unfortunately, the guardian of the jewels must be found, since she is the only one that can put the jewels in the proper order. If not, earth would face massive destruction.

Enter Kindra Ceres, an archeologist who is convinced that the legend of the necklace is true and she is determined to find the jewels. Kindra has always believed she was meant to find the jewels. She has left New York to attend a conference in London where she is a keynote speaker. She is positive when she gives her speech about the lost jewels, she will find a backer with enough money to finance her expedition. The one man that offers to back her is named Cyrus Hayden, a man who gives her the creeps. There is something vile about him. What she doesn’t know is that he is a minion of Hades and has been sent to assist Kindra in finding the jewels and returning them to Hades.

Kindra is very leery where Cyrus is concerned. However, she knows if no other backer comes forward, she will be forced to accept his terms. With luck, a handsome man, Ryan Colburn, agrees to finance her, no matter the cost. He is also keeping a secret. He is the guardian that Zeus has sent to protect her and he is also known as Aqus, the water elemental. Unaware that she is Terra and has been reincarnated a number of times, she and Ryan set off to find the jewels. When she has a dream about Atlantis, she realizes that this was probably where the first jewel would be found. She also dreams that she was there when Atlantis was destroyed. Atlantis was the first in her three failures trying to put the jewels in correct order.

Ryan and Kindra feel a strong attraction toward each other, but as many times as she tries to push the relationship forward, he backs away. She knows that she has a strong feeling for a man she only sees in her dreams, a man who claims she is his mate, but is that possible? How can he be her mate when she never saw him? In addition, Ryan keeps saying she belongs to someone else. Will she get her memory back? Will she finally get all the jewels and put them in the right order? Can she have a life with Ryan even if she is said to belong to another?

If you love mythology and fantasy, then you will love this book. We meet the Gods and Goddesses on Mt. Olympus and learn a lot about them. We also find out about the demi-gods, those who are the offspring of Gods and humans. Of course, we can’t forget about Hades and his determination to obtain the necklace and get back what he feels his brother Zeus took from him. There are a lot of questions and surprises, but all questions are answered.