Third One Book Cover Third One
Those Other Books Book 4
Roe Horvat
MM Romance Erotica
Amazon Digital Services LLC
March 30.2020

It could have been just an innocent crush. Something guiltless and fleeting. But Luke spends every day with Marcus; they talk, touch and dance together, they create and perform together. They know each other inside out. As a consequence, Luke has been in love with his very much taken choreographer for years. Seeing Marcus and his partner Liam together has become increasingly painful, and Luke needs to leave. His dancing career is nearing an end anyway. He will start university, reinvent himself, forget Marcus and find happiness elsewhere.

Except Marcus loves him back. And Liam knows. Liam’s dark eyes and his imposing silhouette begin haunting Luke’s dreams. Drowning in both lust and sadness, Luke is swept into a passionate triangle with two men who couldn’t be more different. Suddenly, instead of fear or caution, there’s just a mind-numbing desire for more.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz
Sr Reviewer & Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Roe Horvat bounced into my life and I am sold! I have read every novella and story he has written and have deemed myself A Follower!

This is the fourth book in Those Other Books Series and as the author writes them, they seem so easy to enjoy; each different in story and tone.

This book is the story of a couple who are partners in life Marcus and Liam. Marcus is a dancer and choreographer. Liam is always at the theater always there for Marcus. He is watchful of a young dancer named Luke, who he sees very much in love with his partner Marcus.

There was at one time in their lives a “third” in their relationship, and the pain of that loss still remains. But what ‘if’ young Luke………

Roe Horvat never backs down in writing truth, even if the world and his characters don’t agree. That is why I think I enjoy his work so much. The ‘Dance’ between Marcus’ attraction for Luke and his worry for Liam’s feelings….. Luke’s deciding to leave because of his unrequited love, and the third man Liam and what he feels, makes this book work in a beautiful dance..

I truly loved this book, a must read!