Timeless Changes Book Cover Timeless Changes
Knight Traveler Book #2
Regan Black
Historical Time Travel
Getaway Reads, LLC
October 25, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

3rd Place 2016 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards – Historical Romance Novels & Novellas – Series

This is the second novel for this wonderful Time Traveler Series. There are two prequels, as well. The prequels go back to the 6th century when King Author meets with his most trusted knights hoping to secure future generations safety.

This wonderful tale has readers of all ages learning about the knights, their familiars, and seeing the reasons why they were trusted by their king.

So pure of heart are they, these men obey their king with no thought of their safety, jumping thru time to follow the evil that would harm the world. Previously, Sir Gawain landed in New York City. Now Sir Kay is in the mountains of Colorado, awakening to Mordred again and his evil.

He has battled Mordred twice before, losing his familiar, a bear in battle trying to save his master. Now Kay thinks the Amber talisman he wore was a curse. Angry and hurt, he threw it in the lake. Diana who is a priestess and majick, as well, saw him toss it into the water. Diana retrieved the amber and it has been passed down generation to generation to the daughter in her bloodline to hold for Kay’s return.

Sir Kay awakes and finds even more new things as he watches a momma bear killed by a man in a flying machine. New wonders to see as he leaps centuries, saddled with the baby bear cub.  His travels bring him to where he needs to be. Come along with Sir Kay and his Diana who possibly holds the strength and love to help him find peace, a home, and making the third meeting with Mordred the charm! This is one beautiful story, fraught with emotion, mystery and love.