Touch of Breeze Book Cover Touch of Breeze
The Common Elements Romance Project
Kelynn Storm
Paranormal Romance-Shifter
Amazon Digital Services LLC
October 22, 2019

A rare white were-jaguar, she’s on a mission to save her twin brother from certain death. She didn’t plan on teaming up with a Jag Guardian who would just as soon break her heart.

Mortician London Satos works with the dead by choice. Using her were-jaguar ability to witness their final moments, she helps them pass over in peace. Those special moments contrast greatly with the life she leads haunted by an ancient Japanese spirit with revenge on his mind. On top of that, her twin brother is missing. Just when she thinks she has enough on her hands, Breeze Dawson stumbles into her path and runs into the evil spirit. Feeling responsible, she thinks she must help him survive the evil spirit, but it doesn’t stop there. She is forced to team up with Breeze to rescue her brother from an evil madman intent on using him to fulfill a diabolical prophesy.

Recently suspended from his job as a Jag Guardian, were-jaguar Breeze finds himself looking for anything to distract him from his troubled life. So when the beautifully captivating mortician needs help fighting battles on several fronts, he becomes embroiled in a murderous plot that not only threatens his Guardian team but the supernatural community in general. Together, Breeze and London race to locate the madman’s stronghold where he has imprisoned London’s brother, all the while fighting mutual attraction that will only complicate everything.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


London Satos is a mortician, a rare white jaguar and a girl haunted by Oni an evil spirit. Her brother has been captured by an elite hunting group, Wentworth’s Crew run by Max Wentworth who is determined to have both white jaguars, London’s brother Lincoln and her but she has been able to stay one step ahead of the hunters.

Breeze Dawson is a Guardian for the Jag Council who once too often has disobeyed the rules and has finally been suspended. When his parents died his cruel and abusive uncle gained guardianship and for all the years he was under his rule he suffered until he was finally rescued by the doctor who attended him and saw the abuse he suffered up close and personal. Trey became his guardian and the only father he knew and now he had to reveal to him that he was suspended and once again disappoint the man he loved. Breeze is also a modern day Robin Hood stealing from the rich and giving to the needy. He also has no problem sharing what he has as well and being able to teleport makes his life as a thief easier.

While walking around Breeze came in contact with a man sneaking around in the bushes a man who when he approached turned into a monster, it was Breeze’s first encounter with Oni but not his last. That was the first time that Breeze and London met and that meeting would change their lives forever. Breeze and London both have to work together to put an end to Max and Oni because both the Jag Council, London’s brother and other shifter’s lives are in danger.

This novella kept my interest from page one and the characters were wonderful and although it was a short book it was a very worthwhile read that I highly recommend.