Valkyrie's Vengeance Book Cover Valkyrie's Vengeance
Loki's Wolves
Melissa Snark
Paranormal Romance
Nordic Light Press

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Twenty-four old Victoria Storm has had a lot of heartbreak in her young life. Her parents and most of her pack were killed at the hands of hunters. For thirty years the hunters and werewolves worked together killing vampires until Victoria’s lover Daniel was killed. Daniel Barrett was the son of the Hunter King, Jake Barrett and his death led to her being the Alpha of a pack totaling seven. They live out of two cars and money is in low supply.

Victoria is the Goddess Freya’s priestess and Odin’s Valkyrie and when called on by the Goddess she obeys. Freya led her to the same spot that a spirit and her worst enemy Jake Barrett are. Children are being kidnapped and their parents killed and Freya wants Victoria to save the children. The spirit is the mother of the latest boy taken and Victoria will need Jake’s help to bring the monster stealing the children down.

Jake blames Victoria for the death of his son and is willing to help save the children and leave her pack alone if she will give herself over to him. There is no question that she will do whatever she has to to save everyone. Unfortunately, circumstances don’t go as planned but I am not going to reveal what happened.

Victoria is a young woman thrown into a role of alpha way before she was ready for it. She grieves for her dead parents, her dead pack members and the man she loved and fights to protect those of her pack that are left. There is suspense and some horrible moments involving young children and what they suffer through in the hands of a monster.

My review is done and I am now going to open book number two.