Vance Bastian loves being a professional storyteller.

His passion really took off in college where his studies highlighted themes in classical literature and mythology that continue to echo in modern literature. Stories where heroes of all eras stand up to rulers who would put them down. Heroes who take the fight to monsters who would destroy their homes and families. Deepest of all, heroes inevitably wrestle with their own inner demons lest the darkness claim them.

That sounded like everybody Vance idolized.

After college, Vance pursued acting as a hobby. As his skill and confidence grew, he began taking acting and voice lessons. After earning his reputation on stage and in indie films, he eventually became known for his hero roles: Orion in the opera Galileo Galilei, Agrippa in Anthony and Cleopatra, Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Hercules in a photo shoot where the Olympian gods were modernized. That’s not to downplay the many roles he enjoyed early in his career, but his heart sings when he has the chance to play the hero.


Vance then reached the point in his quest where he wanted to start telling his own stories. He’s written a few film scripts, one which was shot as a 10-minute teaser feature, as well as short stories. Then he wrote his novel Slumberscythe while working as a book production editor for a small, non-fiction press. From then on he was truly in the publishing world – both as an author and publisher.

One day, while reaching out to other authors, S.A. Collins pitched an idea about a podcast for LGBTQ authors. Vance’s dual passions for creativity and organization went into overdrive, and the Written On The Edge (WROTE) podcast was born.

After that podcast’s successful first year, Vance started his own passion project – a 100-episode Campfire Podcast that was pure narration from start to finish. With almost 250 podcast episodes to his credit, transitioning to audiobook narration was a natural step.

In reaching out to the Paranormal Romance Guild, Vance is offering members 25% off his normal rate, which becomes $150 per finished hour (instead of $200). The added benefit of working with Vance is that he announces his completed work out to all his fans and on his podcast.

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