A Husband for Victoria Book Cover A Husband for Victoria
Brides of Golden City Book 1
Cynthia Woolf
Western Historical Romance
Firehouse Publishing
January 14, 2020

New York Governess Victoria Coleman survives an attack but finds herself in a family way. When her employer finds out, the kind man tells her she is safe there. But his wife has other ideas. Believing her husband is the child’s father, she threatens Victoria. Needing to escape, Victoria becomes a mail-order bride as far away as possible—Golden City in the Colorado Territory.
Andrew Mayfield is consumed with guilt over the death of his wife and infant son in childbirth six months ago but knows that his two-year-old daughter needs a mother and he needs to marry to provide her one. He contracts for a mail-order bride.
But vengeance is a dish best served cold and the woman determined to see Victoria’s baby dead and therefore Victoria herself, is an iceberg. Refusing to believe her husband or Victoria, Mildred Thomas follows Victoria to Golden City. Will she be able to exact her revenge for a perceived wrong? Or will Andrew be able to protect the woman who might be working her way into his heart?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Victoria Coleman is a nanny in New York City in 1870, a time when being pregnant without marriage was a no no, but she is just that. Raped by her friend’s husband, she is now in a very difficult situation, to say the least. When her pregnancy is discovered by the wife of the little girl, she takes care of, her life and that of her child are threatened.

Mildred Thomas will do whatever she has to ensure that no other child inherits their wealth. Even when her husband and Victoria tell her he is not the baby’s father, it goes in one ear and out the other. There is no convincing her and David Thomas gives Victoria a letter of introduction to Mrs. Emily Johnson the owner of Brides for the West. Victoria’s only hope is to find a husband and hope that he will accept her as well as her unborn child.

Andrew Mayfield is a farmer with a two-year-old daughter who lost his wife and son six months ago in childbirth and he is willing to take Victoria who he believes is a widow as his wife. Torn between admitting she is pregnant and hoping that she can get him to fall in love with her before he finds out she keeps to her lies.

It doesn’t take long before Victoria falls in love with Andrew and his little girl who she loves like her own but what will happen when she finally reveals her lies? Then her worst nightmare comes true when Mildred shows up in Golden City determined to put an end to Victoria’s life and that of her child.

This is where I will stop explaining what happens, whether Victoria admits her lies and whether Andrew still accepts her and what nefarious plans Mildred has for her. If you have read Ms. Woolf’s books, then you know you are in for a fast and wonderful story if you haven’t then I would strongly recommend starting.