Above and Beyond Book Cover Above and Beyond
Bronco's Boys Book 6
Andrew Grey
MM Romance
Andrew Grey
March 10, 2020

When Salvatore Adruccio finished his time in the military, he moved on to a life of good friends, cold drinks, and hot men. His job as a bouncer at Broncos is fun and drama-free, at least until sexy but secretive server Elliot Hastings catches his eye.

On the run and in possession of evidence that could expose his stepfather for the dangerous and powerful criminal he is, Elliot doesn’t want to draw anyone else into his troubles. But when a thug catches up to him and Salvatore fends him off, he decides Elliot needs his help, even if he won’t admit it. Attraction quickly heats into passion, but Elliot is wary of commitment when he might have to drop everything and run at any moment. The only way they can be together in all the ways they want is to take out the threat posed by Elliot’s stepfather and his underworld ties.

And Salvatore intends to do just that.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

never get tired of this series. It has a great group of men who are always ready to help someone in need. This time they are ready to help their new server, Elliot Hastings. Although only working there for three days, he has already made an impact on everyone.

Elliott is on the run from his stepfather, a man who has his greedy, illegal hands in many pots. When he tried to tell his mother what was going on, she took her husband’s side against her son. Tired of living under his stepfather’s rule, Elliott left but managed to take a whole lot of copies of files from his stepfather’s desk in the hopes of one day bringing him down.

When a man tries to get access to Elliott at the club insisting that he was there to bring him home, Elliott once again found himself ready to run for his life. Salvatore Adruccio an ex-black ops soldier is there to assist. Salvatore and Bull convinced Elliott that he had to stop running because he would be running for the rest of his life. They are going to help him put an end to his stepfather’s control. Elliott is sure their kindness comes with a price. He’s not used to people going out of their way without expecting something in return. He would soon learn the Bronco Boys were different.

Elliott is not safe, so Salvatore takes him into his home for protection. The role of protector slowly turns into something much more personal. In order to find a way to bring his stepfather to justice Elliott must get the papers he stole from him from his safe deposit box. He risks exposure, but it must be done. He also wants to visit his dog who he left in the care of a friend, another thing he had to leave behind when he ran.

I love this series and each character. This book has sex, betrayal, suspense, and love. As with most of Mr. Grey’s books, I read it in one sitting waiting for the HEA I hoped would come.